Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress. :)

So, I'm holding out on taking pictures of our apartment until we finally get all set up. Yesterday we made great strides toward that point and actually started hanging pictures. By that, I mean I arranged them on the floor and Cam recreated it on the wall. My part took sufficiently less effort, but I appreciate him like crazy! We've got the frames up for one wall, all I have to do now is get pictures printed...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

up up up there's no way but up from here!

Things haven't been too great around here. Actually-things have been pretty lame. The past week or so has truly been the hardest time I have ever experienced. Cameron continues to be wonderful. We're getting through everything together, but from financial to medical to otherwise it's pretty overwhelming. It's frustrating. I think I've finally driven myself (and possibly Cameron) crazy with my negativity. I've decided to change my way of thinking. It's times like these we often don't realize how much we have to be grateful for. Buckle Up! You're about to experience a paradigm shift! (how stephen covey of me... :) )

10 things I'm extremely thankful for today-

1. I am married to the most incredible man I have ever known. He really blows me away on a regular basis. He is so patient and kind. I am grateful we were both worthy to be married in the temple at the start of this month, and the new year. I am grateful to have the comfort of knowing his love for the gospel will never falter. I am grateful that he honors his priesthood. I am grateful that he knows how to comfort me and calm me down. I am grateful that I get to be with him forever. :) I'm grateful for our habit of scripture study. It sure makes for a peaceful ending to the day. Gosh, I love him.

2. I am grateful for friends who are close enough to the spirit to recognize when a strong need needs to be met. Lindsay and Mackay called last night to take us out to dinner. With everything that's been going on we haven't had much time to just relax and enjoy ourselves. We went with Kevin & Blair, Marc & Kathryn, and Mackay & Lindsay. Good food, good company, good conversation. It was amazing. I think it's the first time me and Cam have really laughed since being back here in Provo.

3. Found out yesterday our renter's insurance might cover our personal possessions that were stolen on our honeymoon. (keyword-*might*) Either way, getting together an insurance claim and a police report is a lot easier when you know there's a chance to get some of it back. O that would be such a blessing! Here's hoping. :)

4. Erik and Nicole Rasmussen gave us the nicest set of knives I have ever seen. (I'm really hoping it was an old wedding present they received because heaven knows we're all college kids.) Ours was stolen. We had bought a $4 set from ikea to suffice until we had money for a nicer set. Family is such a blessing! (P.S. they gave us a copy of Get Smart too. :) one of the movies we bought with our wedding money which was also stolen... sweet!)

5. This one's going to be vague, but it's probably the one I'm most grateful for. The thing that I thought was terrifying is no longer terrifying. Still something to be concerned about and keep an eye on, but not terrifying. I'm grateful things went well yesterday morning and that I had an amazing husband to hold my hand through it all.

6. I am grateful to have a cute apartment to come home to every day. It makes me wish I could just stay there and cook and clean and be a wifey all day. I am grateful to have an escape from everything else. I am also grateful we do not have cable. It allows us to spend much needed time together and really think about what we're going to watch. Most of the time it's Lost.

7. Last night I took the most incredible shower I think I've ever had. I wasn't in a hurry. I kept the water as hot as I could stand for as long as I wanted. I put a protein mask on my hair. Shaved my legs. I even plucked my eyebrows after I got out. In other good news, the face care regimen my mother got me for Christmas is working wonders on my face. (Shameless plug for Arbonne)

8. I am grateful for lots of nice people who I am excited to get to know in our new ward. Two sisters came and sat next to me in Relief Society. I found out one of them is a newlywed, and the other lives 4 doors away from us. It's great to have people in similar situations who can relate to you. The whole ward was really welcoming and helpful. The bishop is amazing. He stopped by and asked us to speak in church this week-which we're also grateful for. Preparing for the talk is really helping me remember what's really important.

9. I am grateful that there are star wars figurines on the entertainment center. (There's even an Anakin that fits inside the Darth Vader one...awesome-i know). I'm grateful for these because it means my husband and I are such good friends we're comfortable enough around each other to truly be ourselves. Cameron put them there as a joke to motivate me to unpack and looking at them just makes me laugh. I'm grateful to know that Cam can keep me optimistic through any circumstance. He's really amazing. I'm also grateful for the strong religious family he comes from. We had the chance to fast as a family for his grandma who recently was in the hospital for a stroke, which turned out to be a seizure. During the fast, she finally started responding. I'm grateful for opportunities to strengthen my testimony on a daily basis.

10. I'm grateful to have discovered the beauty of freezing leftovers and to finally have tupperware to put it all in. Bread, soups, cookie dough, you name it-we're freezing it. It's great to just come home and pull something yummy out of the freezer (that didn't come packaged that way) to have it on the table in like 10 minutes. It's my new favorite way to cook.

There you have it. Some are simple, some aren't.

I think all that matters, though, is that I'm feeling much better. :)

Bring on the day-

if you like it put a ring on it!

I've always been annoyed with married people that fall off the face of the planet when as soon as they tie the knot. It's like they never even were. No one knows where they went. They just cease to exist to the rest of the world. And then their friends sit around scratching their heads wondering exactly what happened. So-->here's my attempt at not falling of the earth! We got married about a week and a half ago. (pictures up asap) Me and Cam have had a blast the past 2 weeks getting moved in and adjusting to the whole married and school thing. It's pretty fun. We went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon (pictures will be up soon for that too) and came back to find out our car full of wedding presents has been broken in to. *sweet* We're working on insurance claims and police reports as of late. We've taken multiple trips to ikea setting up our little place (pictures for that will be up soon as well). School's been going well for both of us. We're in a great ward. We are actually speaking this Sunday, and making friends who are in the newlywed situation too really helps. :) Finding time for each other is a little more difficult than it was on that beautiful cruise ship, but we're figuring out the balance.