Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Everything is a phase. Gray is currently in a hair pulling and "give loves" phase. Nash is in an ear-splitting screeching and happy dance phase. And as the good comes with the bad, so will the good go with the bad. 

These little nuggets of boy-hood that I adore so much will eventually be outgrown. And so will the parts of boy-hood that drive me nuts. 

And I can't help but want to remember every single second of it all because it all passes so quickly. Where have the gummy smiles and wrinkly foreheads gone? I loved them. And I have never quite known this feeling before. Because I long to have them again, but I would not trade my grown up little boys for even a minute back in time. I would miss out on the newness, curiosity, story time, luh oo's, and tackle-hugs of the now. 

And that would be truly heartbreaking. 

So I will chin up and savor these phases. These moments. And avoid the hollowness of unfeeling that so often tries to creep in to the day-to-day. We are colorful. We are bright. And we are in love. And my sun rises and sets with my three men. 

I love being their lady. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Busy at my feet

Before we had children, I would be making dinner or reading a book on the couch or doing some other everyday thing and wonder what it would be like to do that same thing when all was "busy at my feet." I wanted that chaos. 

Now, my boys are speed-walking halfway out-of-control everywhere. Hitting toys against the wall just to see if they make noise. Pulling pots and pans out of the cupboards. Chasing each other. Teaming up to chase the dog we're watching this weekend. Climbing stairs. Bringing pillows into the dining room just to flop on them. And laughing and laughing at everything. 

This is the best dang chaos I have ever experienced.