Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food For Every Season

Last night, I finished work on an adorable food blog. Food for Every Season. The owner, Kat, was an absolute dream to work with! She was so patient and understanding through the 2 car wrecks that occurred right in the middle of what should have been polishing up and installing her site. If you have a second, check her new site out & leave her some love about her fresh new look! (Just be careful, you might get stuck reading & bookmarking recipes for a while!) There are recipes for everything from appetizers to dessert, and the pictures are just as delicious.

Work by Call Me Kristin: Header, Navigation bar, Social Buttons, Blog Button, Footer & Background

See what Kat had to say about her new look.


  1. That is very sweet Kristin and after all you went through, I can't imagine anyone not understanding. I will recommend you highly and all the time! I'm very happy!

  2. looks great, and they have some great recipes on there!

  3. What a lovley fresh clean design. Well done :-) They have some great recipies on the site too.