Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 16 Update

How far along? 16 Weeks exactly
Total weight gain/loss: +12.5
Maternity clothes? YES. My sweet mom bought knit fabric to make me stretchy black pants (that are long enough) and a grey maxi skirt (that is also long enough). The thought of those stretchy waistbands makes my heart go pitter-pat.
Best moment this week: After a completely terrible flight Monday morning, the cabin de-pressurized and I felt the biggest kick! It’s the first time I have had no doubt it was one of the babies. I was beaming from there on out. Because of the timing (with the cabin de-pressurizing and such) I doubt it will be consistent for a few more weeks, but it was super cool!
Movement: See above :)
Waist Diameter: [I'm forcing myself to bite the bullet and actually do this one this week.]
Food cravings: I wanted Nacho Cheese from Taco Bell yesterday. Bad. I believe Cameron was trying to convince me that we needed to pre-order Harry Potter 7 part 2 on BluRay yesterday and I told him that if he took me to Taco Bell he could order the movie. (what a deal for him, eh?!)
Gender: Probably won’t find out until week 20.
Labor Signs: None, thank heavens. :)
Belly Button in or out? Totally still in, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!
What I miss: Liking the way Cam smells. lol. Poor guy. If the tiniest bit of cologne is on his person, I will smell it and I won’t even be able to handle sitting next to him, let alone having his arm around me. Cam really likes smelling nice, so we’re both anxious for that particular stage to be over.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing all the family this weekend at Kiara’s wedding! It’ll be so fun. Also, Cam has his A-game on to make the drive not so miserable. Love him.
Milestones: Someone asked me when I was due flat out. Yay for not just looking fat anymore! Also, I threw up in the morning for the very first time yesterday. I’ve always just been sick at night. I must say, I’ve always wondered why it was called “morning sickness”. Now I know. I should also say, I very much prefer evening sickness. ALSO, I am less than 9 weeks away from my very last day at work. Single digits baby!
Realization of the week: I will probably be hungry until further notice. It doesn’t matter if I’ve eaten in the past 5 minutes or not, because if I eat one bite too many it’ll all come right back up the chute. A lot of what I thought was important for these babes is quickly falling away. I don’t need a designer nursery. I don’t need a closet full of cute clothes. I don’t need the entire toy section in my living room. I am quite content with a pack-and-play until the babes are too big to share a crib. I need them healthy and safe and in my arms. The rest is just a bonus.

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