Monday, February 23, 2015

Heard in the home

NG: La la. LA LA! LALALALA!!! 
Me: that is too loud! 
G: no. I'm saying la la, mom. (Nice and quiet) 

Cam is in the bathroom. 
N+G: where are you, sweetheart? 
At least I know I'm talking nicely part of the time! 

Me: Gray! It's time for bed! 
G: No! I have to go potty! Stop! Go right away! 
(Daniel Tiger sings "if you need to go potty, stop and go right away.") 

G: Hey! That's Jesus, right there!
Me: yeah, it is! Is he nice?
G: yeah. He's nice. He has big hair. I have little hair. It's so cute, mom! 

Me: do you love Tenley?
G: yes, I LOVE her! She is my Tenley. 
Hi Tenley-belle! She's cute! 
No one has called her that before. I love it. He adores her. 

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