Sunday, April 19, 2015

Princesses Dance with their Princes

The boys equate wearing a pretty dress with being a princess. Yesterday, I was going to go do initiatory at the temple before I remembered that my recommend was in the wallet that I lost a few weeks ago. Still, I was all ready to go and had my dress on. Since the boys had seen me ready to go to the temple, they wanted to go to the temple too. Nash was crying, "don't go anywhere! I go with you!" He was thrilled when I didn't leave. But that night when I tucked him into bed, he asked if we could go to the temple. I told him we could go tomorrow after church. And then he said the sweetest things to me! "Mom, you a princess? And daddy spin you?" "Do you like it when daddy dances with me?" "Yes, I like that." I like that too, sweet boy! 

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