Friday, June 26, 2009

...[bathroom humor]...ahem

so. I often use this blog as a way to remember the stories I want to tell when I have the creative energy to lay it out on a scrapbook page. I've been trying to figure out a way to tell this one without offending anyone [read: mom] but it's got to be remembered.

When Cameron goes to the bathroom, he closes the door, but doesn't lock it. He also doesn't shut it all the way, just enough so it looks closed. We are hopelessly addicted to lost, which involves a lot of "surprise" moments, and guns. The main female character in Lost is named Kate. I think she's fantastic. She stresses Cam out. So, one night, we watched like 3 episodes of Lost before deciding we couldn't take anymore and had to go to bed. Cam went into the bathroom and I kept talking to him. The next minute or so went about like this:

Me: Hey Cam!
Cam: Yeah?
Me: Guess who I am?

*kicks open the door and assumes 007 position against the wall. fingers in gun mode*

Cam: [screams like a girl, deer in the headlights expression]
Me: [falls back onto the bed laughing my head off] I was Kate!

Cam: [walks out of the bathroom, head low, speaks quietly] You made me pee on the shower curtain

oh the joys of married life. :)

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