Monday, February 8, 2010

Humble Pie With 2 Scoops of Blessings

Where to start. . . . .

Today was a doozey. We flew to Denver on Thursday to meet our cute new niece. The weekend was wonderful & really helped me get over the fact that me and Lindsay are so far apart. We headed to the airport to catch our 7:20 flight and found out that the snow was going to delay our flight 2 hours. yuck. We found a quiet corner in the airport and watched Office re-runs until our flight was ready for boarding.

After we landed and Adam Beck the saint came to pick us up, Cameron's phone goes off. It says that I'm calling him. I've been known to pocket dial once or twice, so I started scrambling through my purse. He picks up and says hello, and a flight attendant notifies him that I've left my plane on the phone. awesome.

Cam ran back to get it and off we went, later and later. After a nice needed chat with Adam and Emilee we headed home. We got to bed a little after 1 am.

This morning we were exhausted. bleh. Cam left for school and I dragged myself out of bed for work. I got there and sat down to check my e-mail. The CFO walks straight up to my desk and asks if he can have a minute to speak with me. I follow him back to his office and he asks me if I've talked to anyone since Friday. I hadn't [Denver]. He then starts into this explanation of how on Friday, 60% of the company was fired and how the company is going a new direction. [Start to panic]. He explains that in the course of the day, even my boss was fired and my entire department. Then, he asks me if he can see a list of what I plan to work on this week. [I STILL HAVE A JOB!]

The office was eerily empty. I'm now 1 of 2 women working there. The other is a sales manager. I sat in on meetings about how to get into other people's e-mail accounts who were once in my division so I could pull information off. I was visited by the CEO and asked how I felt about becoming an executive. And then I texted Cameron in a panic.

It was so sad. The guy that worked right next to me doesn't know he's been fired yet, because he's on paternity leave. His wife just quit her job to have the baby. I just feel terrible. and grateful. and shocked. I've only worked there for 2 months and they keep me and fire my superior of 6 years?? Throughout the day I would be working on projects and need some information from someone else, I'd then ask someone around if so-and-so were still with us. Most of the time it was "no." Every "no" meant I picked up more responsibility.

I don't know if or how I'll be able to do everyone's work on my own, but the execs are willing to take a chance on me, so I'm going at it full force!

And that was the first slice of humble pie.

Then, I came home and did Plyometrics P90X with Cam, for the first time. I made it 40 minutes in [with severely modified versions of most exercises].

And that was the second slice of humble pie.

Finally, I found out today that I'm going to be a contributor for and a designer for

I don't understand why God sees fit to bless me so much in a time of struggle. It humbles me and reminds me that I am not in control of my own life. I know I definitely didn't do anything to secure my job at Marketecture. I wasn't even there the day they made the cuts! I'm still in my 3 months of probationary employment. But the CEO assured me today that I'd be there until we move to Iowa. I've applied to design for a lot of different shops and been rejected quite a bit. Today, of all days, I get an e-mail saying I'd "be a delight" to work with and that they're impressed with my "eye for design" and one of my favorite blogs wants me to contribute content for them?

I am sufficiently humbled. [and so grateful!]

And Cam beat me soundly at every stinking game we played over the weekend.



& blessed.


  1. Holy cow, girl. That's a LOT to take in. You're amazing though, if anyone could handle it all, it would be you. I think I'd just collapse, haha.

  2. Thanks for sharing! You'll do great in all of your new ventures! Glad that you're doing sooo well!

  3. I know how scarry it is to be let go from a job, but the Lord does work in His own time and in His own way. Being let go from a job led me to a better job, with better hours that allows me to fullfill my calling better.

  4. I'm glad that you still have a job. And i'm sorry that you had to wait two hours in the airport...sheesh. It was wonderful seeing you guys this weekend!

  5. wow! that is crazy! what a relief too! i know you will be amazing at them all!

  6. So. . . turns out I didn't quite know what you were up to! I knew you were working . . . somewhere, I did not know you were moving to Iowa, and I did actually know that Lindsay had her baby, but you know.

    Do you know that living in Iowa is my dream? I want to live in Indiana or Ohio or Illinois or Iowa so badly. To me those states all mean The Sandlot and The Wonder Years, and if you move there you'll live on a tree lined street with all white houses and your kids will always want to play outside and you'll just bake pies and be in the PTA and something about it is jsut so incredibly appealing. So good work.

    Chris has been accepted to a school in Virginia and one in Atlanta. We're not sure where we're going. We're also wanting to wait on a couple other ones, but yeah! We're definitely going somewhere!

    ok I feel dumb for leaving this crazy long comment instead of jsut emailing you, but whatevs.

  7. Quite a story, Kristin. I'm very happy for you. That is a lot to think about and take on. Just so you know, I admire you and your husband so much.

  8. Holy crazy!! Super scary AND super exciting. You guys are moving to Iowa? or the company is?