Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love You, Baby Call

Note: I am not pregnant. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

I've bounced this idea off of a few people and I'm still hoping I'm not totally out of line doing this for myself. (Part of me thinks this should be something someone else does a baby shower... The other part of me thinks that people who really would like to be involved will get left out if anyone but me organizes this.)

Anyway, we've received a lot of e-mails, letters, phone calls, notes, and kind words that say how much they love our little one already. The support is overwhelming. We are so loved. Most of all, our little one is so loved.

I saw this idea on another blog a while ago. I didn't bookmark the page, but the idea stuck with me. (If anyone knows where this came from, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!)

I would love to make a blanket for Baby Call. With a piece of fabric from everyone who loves him/her already. It can be a piece of fabric from anything. Clothes, blankets, the fabric store, etc. This will be the blanket our little one comes home in. Our baby will be welcomed and wrapped in the love of all those who prayed and fasted and cried and hoped for his/her arrival.

This is a 2-part project, though. If you decide to send some fabric, please include a little note. I want to record the story behind each square in this blanket. I want your love to be tangible for our little one. I want our baby to know just how much love it took to bring him/her safely home. I want him/her to know that they were worth the wait.

I hope this came across the right way. Please be kind in the comments. This is something very dear to my heart.

If you'd like to be a part of this, please send a small piece of fabric (2"x2" or larger) to us. If you need our address, e-mail me at{at}gmail{dot}com.

(And if you're sitting there wondering if it would be "weird" or "not your place" to send something, but you really want to, please do. It's all about love and support right now. Even if I don't know you at all, or have never met you in person, your support means everything to us.)


  1. I love this idea. in fact, i teared up reading this (although it really isn't saying much with how easy i cry lately...) but you better believe we will be participating! We can't wait for baby call to be ready to come :)

  2. I think this is the BEST idea in the WHOLE world. I love it. I am so excited to go through all my fabric extras and decide what to send. You guys are always in our prayers!

  3. girl, i'm in. ima email you for your addy.

  4. Girl, I cried when I read this! I love you McGuires so much! Look for something from Jeff and I soon!

  5. ...I have to pick just one?

    A. I want to see the pattern

    B. I think this is fabulous

    C. My letter may or may not contain superfluous letters of excitement for Baby Call <3

    I love you, hang in there !

  6. What a sweet idea! I love this. Your little one will be one lucky and loved baby :)

  7. Kristin, I love you so much! I just want you to know you will be in my prayers. I know what you are going through because I am going through it myself. Being very sad when someone mentions they are pregnant or when a person talks about their baby. I know it is tough but it will happen when it is supposed to happen. Just putting all your faith in Heavenly Father and knowing he has a plan for me and that this is my trial to bare. I still have my moments of saddness, it is normal but you just have to know that Heavenly Father wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle. I love you so much and if you need to talk to anyone I am here.

    I love the blanket Idea. It is so cute that is perfect! Your sweet baby will have the greatest mom ever. Love ya

  8. I love this idea. Every baby should know how much the world wanted them here before they were born!

  9. I can't wait for the little angel :)

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