Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day is for Adventurers!

This Valentine's Day was quite possibly the best one I've ever had. This is pretty shocking, actually, considering I am absolutely not a morning person and there was a mandatory breakfast at work that started at 7am. Gross. (No offense to my stellar co-workers, but I'd much rather spend Valentine's Day breakfast with C.)

I got up and looked semi-ok and stumbled out the door. Breakfast went on for about a half hour when the caterer walks in with this fabulous bouquet:

There was a card tucked in the back of it just for me. I was blushing pretty  bad at that point, but mostly I thought is was incredibly sweet! I mean really guys, my MAN made a bunch of different styled hand-made valentines, LAMINATED THEM, and arranged them beautifully like a vase of flowers. I was  (and still am, really) impressed.

I wasn't too embarrassed until I opened the card. I pulled it about an inch out of the envelope, saw what it said on the front, and shoved it back into the envelope so fast I'm surprised it didn't rip. Ladies, if your man surprises you with something on Valentine's Day in a public place, don't open the card in front of everyone. That's all I'm gonna say.

Work went on FOREVER. I felt like it was never going to end, but that tends to happen when you're really excited for something. In this case, I was excited to take C on a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Date."

I went home at lunch and heart attacked C's car and left a note for him on the windshield. It said, "Hi My Love!, Tonight, we're going on an adventure and it's all about you! First you need to choose your dinner. Text me when you've made your decision and I'll pick you up at 5:45. Love, K"

Around the note were 4 little cartoons of us. In each one we were doing something different. C chose the one of stick-figure me feeding stick figure him with a spoon and saying "Open Up, You!" (<--10 points to anyone who can name that movie).

This meant that we made dinner together (P.F. Changs Dinners for 2, Spinach Salad, and Cheesy Bread) and then fed each other every single bite, including drinks. It really was a blast! I don't think we've ever taken that long to sit and eat together, even in a nice restaurant. We laughed, had good conversation, relaxed and enjoyed SERIOUSLY good food. After Dinner, I pulled out 4  more cartoons of us.

C picked the one of us with a disco ball. This meant that we took off for Classic Skating! We skated around until we had blisters. Sung along to Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, and other choice artists, learned how to skate backwards, held hands, and stole a kiss or two.

We stayed until the skating rink closed (which really isn't all that impressive, considering it closes at 9 on weeknights), and I gave C 4 more cartoons to choose from. He chose hot chocolate floats. :) (No Sugar Added Ice Cream).

We sat on the couch and got warm for a while. We were both just so relaxed! (C is taking 18.5 credit hours this semester...relaxing does not come easy to us.) It was SO nice!

It's funny, the romance Hot Cocoa can bring when it's way too cold outside and you haven't had uninterrupted time with the man you love in a while. :) And the great thing is, I didn't tell C what the other 3 cartoons meant in each category, so we can do another Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Date really soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. You're so cute!

  2. So adorable! I am always jealous of your fun dates!

  3. Wow, we might have to rethink our long standing tradition of doing nothing on Valentines day! =) Great inspiration!

  4. Funnest Valentines EVER! what a great idea!

  5. You guys always do such fun stuff! Congrats on the fun holiday!

  6. you are too adorable. i love this idea.