Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swept Away

One of my favorite things about our marriage is that Cam really knows me, (and I really know him). There isn't one big moment where it's like "I know you!" It just generally comes across in the little things. These little things add up on a daily basis and remind me that I completely scored on the husband front. I completely married up. And I am so grateful for him. He's #1 on my "makes life golden" list every single morning.

This all has a point, I promise. We had the most fabulous, relaxed, perfect memorial day. We've given it some thought and since our anniversary is right around the first of the year, we've generally had about 2 weeks of vacation right before it. We don't really feel the need to "get away" by the time our actual wedding date rolls around. We do enjoy a nice dinner out, but nothing too crazy. We also both really like being warm. January isn't generally warm. So we'd rather take a trip when it's warm. Last year for memorial day, we went to Disneyland. Just the 2 of us. It was the most amazing vacation I've ever been on. And so, we discussed it, and we'll be celebrating our anniversary on Memorial Day weekend from here on out.

Cam planned the entire weekend and wouldn't tell me anything. I didn't even really know where we were going! He just told me to be ready to leave at noon on Friday. I took the afternoon off, he came and picked me up, and off we went!


He first took me to Lime Ricki in Salt Lake City to get a new swimsuit. I left with this:

We drove to Park City, and he took me to the outlets to browse while the hotel finished getting our room ready. We checked in and headed back out. Cam said we needed to run a few errands. We drove to downtown Park City. I had never been there before and was so charmed by the entire look of it. Old style shops, restaurants, and homes lined the entire mountain. Main Street was gorgeous. We stopped at a museum to pick up a $50 giftcard that Cam scored. [Love it when my man "coupons" :)]

We spent some time driving all over the face of the mountain and "house hunting." Stopping to pick up brochures, compare prices, talk about what we are looking for in the future. It's one of our favorite past-times.

He had also scored a $30 giftcard for Ruby Tuesdays so we enjoyed a nice cozy seafood dinner sitting side by side in the booth. Afterward, we went to the hotel for some time in the hot tub and played ping pong for an hour or two after the jacuzzi got a little crowded. I was so proud of myself for beating Cam until I noticed he had been playing with his right hand (he's left-handed)  the entire game! Ugh. I have got to polish up my skills.

We went back to the room for some late night TV, and just so happened to catch the OSU vs. U of A softball super-regional! Cam then continued to out-do himself by pulling Smart Pop popcorn and Oreos out of nowhere to snack on. There is nothing like vegging with Cam. He is a pro. While flipping through channels, we also happened upon a nice and lengthy infomercial for a new collection of 80s music. We sang, and sang, and sang. And I was actually pretty shocked at all the songs Cam knew more than 1 line to. Parents, you should be proud.

The next morning, after we didn't wake up to an alarm, Cam gave me 3 puzzles to solve that would tell me what we were going to do that day. He. is. brilliant. I love puzzles! He spoils me.

Apparently, he had also scored a great deal for passes to the Olympic Park. We picked them up and drove about 5 minutes to the park. After watching the Alpine Skiers Train in the pool for a while, we walked on down to the "Gravity Zone" where all the rides are.

We took a nice long ride up the chair-lift and rode 2 zip-lines and the Alpine Slide. What a blast!

The Olympic Park actually has a pretty cool museum about the Olympics that is free to walk through. We got to watch some of the footage of the Olympic Games and hear some of the back-stories of the athletes. They also had a lot of the props and costumes used in the opening and closing ceremonies, and a lot of information about and examples of the medals. I love seeing how things are made (that was my favorite part of Mr. Rogers growing up...) & the medals were really cool!

After the museum, we browsed the local library book sale, grabbed some Mexican food at a cute little place downtown and headed back to the hotel room for game 2 of the OSU/U of A super-regional. [Can we just talk a little bit about how selfless Cam is? It takes a special kind of man to watch over 5 hours of softball without complaining while on vacation. My father is one of those men. My husband is another.]

Cam then informed me that he had purchased a Groupon for the sushi place downtown that I had swooned over the night before. AH! We decided to figure out the free public transportation system and took the bus from our hotel. At this point, it was kind of blustery and very rainy. I was not exactly dressed for the weather, but I wanted to look cute! [My mom understands. :)] The food was delicious. But, Cam outshined it completely. Saturday night was delicious in every sense of the word.

After a long and unrushed dinner, we were greeted by this as soon as we walked outside:

The nice thing about Cam is he just embraces everything. We didn't even use the umbrella, just enjoyed the magical snowfall on a beautiful street. To celebrate, we walked to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and bought a caramel apple, a hunk of peanut butter fudge and 2 truffles.

We walked to the bus station, which looks quite similar to a historic train station, and played HP all the way home. :)

Sunday morning, we slept in again and got ready for church. It was just down the street and the ward was extremely friendly. Living in Park City, I'm sure they get used to having visitors. Sacrament Meeting was packed and a family with 4 little boys sat right next to us. I really enjoyed watching 2 of the boys fold the most intricate paper planes I've ever seen. The talks were incredible, though. I've never enjoyed a talk on pioneers so much. It was the 5th Sunday of the month, which meant that RS and Priesthood met together for the 3rd hour. The teacher was a former member of the Salt Lake City Temple Presidency. He spoke about the temple for the full hour. It was really cool! Cam was totally prepared for Sunday at the hotel. It was still snowing, but he had brought a Charles Wysocki puzzle to do in the lobby and he had my knitting stuff stashed in his backpack! To make things even better, right after we started the puzzle next to the fireplace in the lobby, a tray of fresh baked cookies were brought out for the hotel guests. We probably both ate 4 or 5 while sitting there working on the puzzle!

We finished in just under 2 hours and went back up to the room to read Harry Potter and knit until dinner. It's one of my favorite traditions. Cam reads out loud, we talk about the books, and I get to create something the entire time. It's wonderful.

For dinner, we ate at a charming little place called Good Thymes Bistro. I ordered a salad based solely on the dressing. It came with a "wasabi vinaigrette" and I wanted to try it. Hands down, it was the best salad I've ever had! I can't wait to go back! It had fresh cashew crusted tuna, ginger, julienned veggies, and these things that pretty closely resembled corn nuts. Oh, it was divine. Sushi in a salad. Genius. [I'm taking you there, mom. You will LOVE it. It's "less scary" sushi. You can do it!]

We stayed up late watching movies and slept in the next morning again, no alarm! Cam had scored a $40 giftcard to the outlets and we spent the morning enjoying all the sales for memorial day on top of the outlet prices! I sure love shopping. sheesh. We drove to another mall and watched Soul Surfer (which, if you haven't seen, you really REALLY should. Made me cry. I love inspiring movies) and headed home for more knitting and Harry Potter.

It sure was a blast of a weekend! Next time, I get to plan the getaway and cater it all to Cam. It's gonna be great!






  1. sounds like the perfect weekend!!! Park City is so fun. We're lucky it's so close!

  2. i love this!!!!!!!!! ...that's all. and i love the braid in your hair.

  3. oh my gosh Kristin I literally JUST BOUGHT THAT SWIM SUIT TOO!!! oh my goodness i love you lol

  4. LOL Michelle! Yay for good taste! ;) haha

  5. i've got a lime riki too, bet you were at the same house as me even. looks like a fun weekend! i miss those times, glad to see you enjoying them like you should.

  6. I am so so jealous! Where did you find him and where can I get one?

  7. What a great weekend!!
    How is Cam scoring all of these great deals? I need to learn!

  8. How fun. I also want to know how Cam is scoring all these deals.

  9. How'd Cam do that?! Sounds splendid. You two are the cutest. Also that swimming suit.

  10. Cute suit, fun trip, perfect weekend! Sooooo glad you guys can take weekends like these sometimes!

  11. dang! how did he score all those good deals! He's definitely a keeper :)
    I, too, love your braid and your swimsuit and think your weekend sounds heavenly.