Wednesday, January 18, 2012

28 Week Update

How far along? 28 Weeks 1 Day
Maternity clothes? Yes. Although the black shirt in the picture isn't a maternity shirt. In fact, it's my "I don't want to feel huge today" shirt. Also known as the "magic black shirt." It makes me look smaller than I really am from the front. From the side, it's really impossible to look smaller, but that's ok! I like that we have big boys.
Best moment this week: Lotion rubs before bed. Cam rubs lotion on my belly before we go to sleep and the boys just kick and kick. I like it when all four of us are connected that way.
Movement: All the time. It's wonderful. Poor Gray is running out of room. He is up on my ribs and if I cough, his head gets smashed against my ribs. If I sneeze, same story. Baths and Ice Packs are helping the soreness at this point.
Food cravings: Just food. And I can't get enough water. Still no chocolate really. I want fruits and veggies all the time. And I love spicy things. Yum. :)
Labor Signs: None really. Practice "surges" (I'm reading hypnobirthing...) come and go pretty often, but everything stops if I lay down and keep drinking water.
Belly Button in or out? Pretty sure the end is near. Still in though. :)
What I miss: Nothing really right now. I have good time with my husband. The boys are healthy and growing well. We have a beautiful home and I am blessed enough to be able to be at home right now working on my homemaking skills. This is something I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. It is already better than I imagined it would be.
What I am looking forward to: Actually getting the guts up to sew the first cloth diaper. Yesterday I sat and stared at it for about an hour. It's just intimidating to me! Also, plans are moving forward for a baby shower here in Utah! I keep getting e-mails from the girls putting it on and I am getting SO excited! (If you want an invite, e-mail or comment with your address). :)
Milestones: We are officially in the 3rd trimester! This also means that the boys can come any time from here on out and they will be fine. (Granted, it would take a lot of modern technology to keep them healthy), but we're just cutting down NICU time from now on. These boys are ACTUALLY coming to our family. We will get to meet them. I just can't wait.
Realization of the week: I am looking forward to the little things the most, I think. I keep dreaming about their features. Their hair, eyes, nose, toes, little beany bodies, everything. And I can't wait for that new baby smell to come to our house.


  1. Okay - first of all, I BETTER be getting an invite! And I don't think you need my address :) Second of all, I will come over and force you to sew the diaper. I want to watch anyways! Plus I want to make one and see how they work on Hadi. Which would be benificial for both of us since you can't try yours on your little guys quite yet. Let me know if you want us to come over!

  2. OKay so I know we haven't officially met yet but we are technically family so you can't be creeped out! I would like to say that A.) I am so impressed that you are reading hypnobirthing! I didn't quite get through it with Freddie but I WILL read it with our next baby! and B.) Good for you doing cloth diapers! I am sure you have researched alot of your options...I use Econobum. Not only because they are ridiculously affordable but I love their prefolds. Babies outgrow them too fast I think (which, if you are sewing your own than that shouldnt be a problem) But their covers are wonderful. They have a series of snaps that fit from newborn supposidly to potty trained! I only adjusted the size twice so far! I ordered from were you can also order from a link on there titled 'seconds' or check clearance and you can find them for even cheaper just because of cosmetic defects (which mine were invisible if even present) AND get yourself some snappi's...they are the bomb-diggity-dot-com! And they are CHEAP on amazon. Of course...I don't know everything so feel free to share your wisdom with me! I also made cloth wipes and homemade cloth wipe solution which I can send you a recipe for if you like!

  3. I had the rib pain too. Your body is making room for those babies! It's nuts how awesome (and painful) that is! I love your names too. So great.

  4. Your Blog Stalker friends from NM would love to come ;) LOL

  5. You look so cute. Your boys are so lucky to come to you and Cameron!

  6. K, so I prob can't make it but please send me and invite cause I'd love to send you something for your little guys!

    2627 E 3380 S
    Saint George, Ut 84790