Thursday, March 1, 2012

34 Week Update

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days
Maternity clothes? Yep. I'm thinking this is turning into a dumb question.
Best moment this week: Another laugh attack happened yesterday because I liked the way "bars are" sounded at the end of a sentence. I sure hope the laughter keeps up because the wrapped in a towel sob-fest of Sunday morning because "I'm going to be pregnant forever!!!" is something I would not like to experience again. Also, my incredible visiting teacher went grocery shopping for me this week. A-MAZING. Cam told me I wasn't allowed to go unless I rode in one of the wheelchair things, which I just can't bring myself to do. Luckily, said visiting teacher agreed, and went that night to pick up everything I need for the rest of my freezer cooking for the arrival of these boys. Also, my sister came over yesterday. The girl is hilarious. Apparently, I like oats. I didn't realize, but almost every breakfast on my list of things to prep before the boys come involves oats. 2 kinds of granola, some energy bars, breakfast cookies, smoothies, etc. She bakes while Cam does the rest of what's on "the list." They compare it to Mario and congratulate each other on "leveling up" after another one of my crazy tasks is completed. I tend to sit at the kitchen table and try to be helpful as much as possible. This involves eating oranges, drinking water, and perhaps measuring spices. I have, however, managed to make home cooked meals the past two nights. Boo yah. :)

I also got to take maternity pictures last week! AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM. My sister-in-law took them and my heavens she is a genius. Plus she helps me relax and not feel so intimidated. I sure needed a "you are not frumpy" pick-me-up and that definitely did the trick. :)
Movement: It's fun to me to realize what the boys like and don't like. They like the sewing machine. They like when women sing. They don't like rap. They recognize Cameron's hand and voice and get excited when he comes home. (To the point where if we're cuddling on the couch watching a movie and Cam leans over to say hello to them, I will stop him and say something to the effect of, "please do not wake them up or get them excited. I would really like to sleep tonight.")
Food cravings: Oats. and Oranges. And lime. We're still on a citrus kick. And apparently a fiber kick. But that one was only brought to my attention recently by Jessica. lol. That girl cracks me up.
Labor Signs: Fake-os for sure. I had a few "crampy" braxton hicks, which was a new feature. Freaked me out a little bit because these boys are definitely not ready to come! I'm also getting progressively loopy, so hopefully it's not too much longer past 36 weeks. In 12 days, you are welcome to pull out all the stops and pray to your hearts content that these boys will come NOW. Until then, prayers that they will continue to cook and my body won't completely fall apart would be greatly appreciated.
Belly Button in or out? 1/2 out. And purple. My belly is super cute, guys. It pretty much looks like a tiger got to it.
What I miss: Slow dancing with Cam. Seriously. We watched the finale of parenthood last night and everyone was slow dancing at the wedding reception. I made the request that as soon as I'm up to it, I want a HUGE hug and perhaps a slow dance. And then we will go to bed and I will cuddle up to his back instead of reaching my arm as far out as possible and maybe grazing his shoulder.
What I am looking forward to: Mostly food. I do have a thing for liquids at this point. I'm drinking over 128 oz. of water a day and I am still SO THIRSTY. I'm also looking forward to a pedicure in 12 days. (My "reward" for getting to the safe zone). AND my family is coming up for Spring Break in 2 weeks. I can't wait for them to get here. Hopefully the boys decide to make their debut while they're here, but mostly I'm just excited for some massive distraction.
Milestones: It's official, my wedding ring is staying put until these babes come. I really REALLY hope it doesn't cut off my circulation before then. Also, the nursery is 90% done. We are so dang close to being "ready" at least according to my list. I don't think you can ever really be ready for two babies to come to your family, or one for that matter.
Realization of the week: I will not be pregnant forever. This may sound silly, but if you had told me this on Sunday morning, I would've had quite the convincing argument for you that I would, in fact, be pregnant forever. Cam deserves some sort of medal for being able to talk me down from the level of hysterics we achieved that day. He sure is wonderful to me.

Also, this will probably be the most disappointing update for some of you. I got an e-mail the other night asking if the boys were born because I didn't do a 33 week update. While that would be quite exciting (and scary), that's not the case. And I'm pretty sure my sweet friend (who expressed nothing but love and concern) is not the only one who maybe had that thought cross her mind. So, I apologize and I will be better at posting weekly (or more often) to avoid any worry.


  1. That last paragraph was totally me. I thought several times of texting to see if everything was alright. Then I figured that I would probably hear from my mom if you had had the boys yet... You know the family news train. :) Anywho! I am so excited for your! I am very happy to hear that you are still doing ok. The fear of being pregnant forever is only natural. Helps you WANT to go into labor! Trust me. I felt that way with Maddie so very badly! I cannot believe that it is almost time! The month is upon us! Enjoy going to sleep when you want, the quiet, and this may be a little risqué for the blog but taking showers together. Just sayin... ;)

  2. I LOVE Parenthood!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're cute and pregnant and I'm obsessed with your blog because it reminds me that I have something to look forward to. ;) I adore your Maternity pictures. Also, I feel like I know you and that we really need to get together soon...