Monday, October 15, 2012

At the Park

I realize the photos in this post are probably excessive. However I am smitten. Oh man. And so were the rest of the people at the park. We took a walk Sunday afternoon to the park and let the boys slide down a few slides when we caught sight of the baby swing. We figured they might like it. And oh, we were right. They had hardly been in the swing a minute before there was a crowd gathered commenting on how cute the twins were. Ah! I love them.

Cam took some Dad time with the boys while I made dinner. It was one of those days that just feel whole and rich.

It does my heart good to see us this way.


  1. That looks a little familiar! ;D

  2. Little dollies. They are so cute!! I'm glad yo'ure having such a blast! Being parents is such a wonderful journey. And, I just saw that top picture of Gray (right?) next to yours on the side bar and I totally saw you in him...I thought I remembered in the past that you commented they mostly only looked like Cameron...well, I think that was a you in in right there. We haven't tried the swings yet! I guess we could! Have you done the shopping cart seat? That was an exciting day...two weeks ago when it hit me I could do that with him. I just see him as my "baby." haha! He still is..but getting bigger.

  3. Kristin! You're little boys are so cute. And just to see if we can prove it is an even smaller world-my friend Lauren Byers' husband is in chiro school at Parker, I think his last year is starting/has started. Do you know her too? It's crazy how people are connected-especially in the church! Can't wait to start reading your blog!