Friday, October 26, 2012

Rainy Afternoons

...there just really isn't anything quite like the feeling of a Texas rainstorm.

We got back from voting and going to the library yesterday just in time for the storm to really pick up. The boys took a quick nap. Gray woke up first. I fed him and took him outside to feel the water falling off our roof. He was mesmerized. Once Nash woke up and ate, we got out all the toys and just played in the dim light from the storm and enjoyed our warm cozy home.

Bonus: If you look closely you can see Nash's two little teeth! He cut his first last Sunday and the second a few days later. Gray is happy to be all gums for the time being.


  1. Well this is true. Texas rainstorms are straight up incredible. I love the way the thunder shakes your house!

  2. I love love rainstorms! And the boys are SO adorable! Little gifts from heaven! I love the breakdown cute. Can't get enough pictures can we? I'm wondering how we'll store all of ours...haha

  3. I absolutely love all of the pictures K. Keep posting. I LOVE looking at them and smiling/laughing all at the same time.
    P.S. The pumpkin picture you texted me is a classic. Can't wait to here the details of that one & how it all came about, etc. Magazines or books would take that one.