Friday, November 16, 2012

Flaunt your Fella

Today I was sent a supposedly "funny" link to a post entitled "husband shaming" where all these women have submitted photos of something their husbands have done that is dumb or shameful or whatnot. It's no wonder the media keeps portraying the "stupid husband syndrome." Obviously it sells! And what's even worse is the disrespect for the husbands is horrible. If Cam got together with a bunch of his friends and started talking about all the little things I do that drive him absolutely nuts or all of my faults I would be heartbroken. Even if they were small enough to just let them roll off my back, do you really think that's helpful to your marriage? [Or your relationship? for the non-marrieds :)] The comments section turned into a complain-a-thon. It's a dangerous thing to complain about your spouse in a public setting. You get validation for all the little things that rub you the wrong way. And then all of a sudden the little things turn into big things and you have forgotten all the little things that used to be big things that you loved about them. So here is my feeble attempt at remedying the situation at least on a small scale.

At the beginning of our relationship, Cameron could do no wrong. Neither could I. We both walked on water in the others' eyes. And I'm bringing that back. Because I believe that husbands go unappreciated all the time. And I also believe in "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." BUT, it shouldn't be that hard to find something nice to say.

And I know that any time I post something about Cameron and people comment on it in a positive way, he can't help but feel good. So write up a quick "just because" post about something your man does or did and we'll make it a party! Comment here and leave your link and then go comment on 3 other posts that are below OR just tell us something great about your man in the comments and we'll have a brag-a-thon instead of a complain-a-thon. Hopefully, we'll have some happy and appreciated men this weekend!

Call Me Kristin - Flaunt Your Fella


  1. Too cute. And I agree with you. Satan sticks his grimy fingers in EVERYTHING he can and in every way. It is sad how much society falls into that trap & takes so many with them. The fact is, no one is perfect. But we are all good. My brag is that yesterday when I came home from running errands I found some swedish fish waiting in the little pouch we have on our garage door leading to the house where love notes get placed on occassion :) Love little things like that!

  2. Okay i love this! Its crazy how normal it is for women to criticize their husbands. My little brag is really a big brag. Chase has been amazing with the babe. willing to change her in the middle of the night, give me time to take a shower and regain some of my sanity, and go on walks with me just so i can use my moby wrap. What would I do without him!?

  3. I love my husband! And I love this idea Kristin. I totally agree with you. And I hope you don't mind I did my own and added a link to this post on my blog.

  4. I have never, ever traveled overnight without coming home to a sparkling clean house - laundry, dishes, mopped floors, under the couch, ceiling fans!

    We moved this summer - for family reasons and Ehren's working his heart out at a job he is overqualified for. Blood sweat and tears kind of work for way less money than he's ever made before.

    Best ever? When a student asked what I did for work, Ehren told him. The student said if his wife didn't do her part working he'd kick her out. My man stood strong and told his darling boy just exactly why I stay home with our kids and how hard he worked to let me do exactly that and that as the dad of our kids he didn't want it any other way. "I couldn't even do what she does!" Student's mind blown.

    And that's my man.

  5. My husband can fix just about anything, and does! For me, for anyone who asks. He amazes me. And if he doesn't know hoe to fix it he researches it and figures it out. I can think of 3 things in the last 11 years of marriage that he couldn't fix.

    He is an awesome dad. He takes the time to play with the kids and he takes the time to teach them. Anytime he is working on something he grabs one of the boys (and I am sure the girl when she is big enough) to "help" him. I know it is actually more work than help, but I love the work ethic that he is teaching them.

    There are so many! I could just go on! Great Idea!

  6. This is so awesome Kristin! When Dave and I were engaged we met with his Bishop who gave us some council which we have turned into somewhat of a motto for our marriage. He turned to each of us and said, "You are the champion of your spouse's self-esteem."

    We have really taken that to heart and it has been a struggle on my part because there is such a man-bashing culture in today's society. I wish more women would maybe think about walking in their husbands shoes for a while before they bashed, and considered how it would feel if they were being treated that way.

    Thanks for creating this post, you are awesome! :)

  7. What a darling idea!! I love your title, "Flaunt your Fella!" We do a "Hot Hubby" contest each year to showcase our men as well... pics that show-off traits we think are "hot" about their men. So happy that there are other women out there who value marriage and are proactive about preserving it! MWAH! XOXO, Tara

  8. I LOVE this idea. My guy is nothing like the dummy the media portrays guys to be! That stereotype (usually in commercials, where it drives me mad!) always makes me sad. I always say to my friends, co-workers, etc, you will never hear me talk about about my guy. He doesn't deserve people to have a one sided bad view of an argument that we have most likely already gotten over. I really can't thank you enough for posting this. It's so nice and refreshing to see women who don't like bashing their husbands :) I've always noticed how highly you talk about Cam, and I've always respected it! He seems like a great person and a great dad!
    Out of respect I'm not getting too much into my brag, but let's just say my husband has been dealing with some major family issues and I am SO PROUD of how he is handling them. He's taking the high road and being so mature when I can't say that I would do the same. He amazes me every day and makes me want to become a better person, even though he says I'm perfect the way I am, I know that's not true!
    I love the quote that Derrelyn posted. I try and think of how confident and good I feel, and that is because my husband makes me feel that way. He deserves me to do the same for him!
    Thank you again for posting this!

  9. Umm... I love this. It's true that the media has started a campaign against manhood and we need to support men who act like men! Thanks for reminding me to tell Andy how awesome he is in public (and to remind myself how awesome he is period).

    I may have gone a little overboard, but here's my bragging:

  10. I so love this!! My husband suffers from ADD and it is so hard to watch it rip away his self esteem and make him feel like he is failing miserably. I try so hard to counteract that in every way possible. Our Husbands deserve to know how awesome they are! One thing my husband is amazing at is that he never complains about anything and never says an unkind thing. I love that about him.

  11. GREAT idea! I've been thinking ALOT about this lately - glad to know I'm not the only one.