Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

[sorry there's no border on this! use your imagination :)]

dear mom. you’ve told me so many times how much you love making a princess our of your daughters. i felt so unbelievably pretty at this photo shoot. it blows me away how selfless you are over and over again. i hope someday i get that trait from you. i’m so grateful to have your example in my life. i love this picture. i’m pretty sure this was when you were following me around with a newspaper trying to stuff it up my dress to keep it from getting dirty. i love that you promised me you’d never tell dad how much we spent on my dream gown. i love that i’ll never tell dad how much you spent on that wooden cooler. i love that we can shop internationally over the phone. i love that you can read my mind. i love that our laughs sound the same. i love how sometimes cam looks at me and says, “y’know, you’re just like your mom.” that is the ultimate compliment. and i love that we are silly. and we always will be. you are more of a friend to me than a mother. you are one of my best. thank you for teaching me everything i need to know about being a woman of God. you know, the essentials. wear nylons. shave your legs. drink water. appreciate the trees. laugh your tail off on a regular basis. wrestle with your husband. serve with a smile. wake up before noon. read your scriptures. expensive make-up might just be a necessity. high heels look best on tall girls. love with everything you have. stay close to the Lord. i owe you everything. thank you for being my confidant.
i love you. Kristin

[not that you guys care what i post on here, but i realize i haven't posted about what we're ACTUALLY doing right NOW in a long long time. i set a new year's resolution to scrap 365 pages. woo! It sounds like a lot, but really-i love it, and after graduating I have a lot of free time! so you'll probably be seeing a lot of random stories/happenings from the past year or so :)]

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