Friday, November 18, 2011

19 Week Update

How far along? 19 Weeks 3 Days
Total weight gain/loss: +22 <– and proud of it! Grow babies grow!
Maternity clothes? Yes. That’s all. My mom called me today with her latest plan for making more maternity pants. The woman is a lifesaver.
Best moment this week: Cam feeling the babes kick! They're sneaky little guys. A lot of the time they'll give 3 big kicks all at once just to get me excited and by the time Cam comes to try and feel, they are all tuckered out and completely still. BUT, around 8 every night, they go a little crazy. I was waiting for them to start kicking and so was Cam. It was so cool to see his face light up "was that one?!" His face when he felt the first kick (and then 2 more!) will go down as one of my favorite moments of our marriage. Our little family really is growing!
Movement: Yes. :) It makes me so happy to know they are healthy, alive, and that they have legs. :) lol.
Waist Diameter:  37" I actually look pregnant! It's awesome!
Food cravings: Found out this week that Starburst makes a bag of "favo-reds" which means all the red flavors are in a bag. Oh. My. Gosh. I ate 50 before I realized what was going on.
Labor Signs: None, thank heavens. :) But my belly does get tight and sore fast if I am walking around too much.
Belly Button in or out? Totally still in, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time! It’s also sore. But judging from the comments of last week's update, the battle of the belly button will wage for a while
What I miss: Being able to cuddle up close to Cam. My belly is finally getting in the way! I had an emotional breakdown because I couldn't remember the last time he just held me. (It was probably, oh, 2 days earlier, but rational breakdowns are not my forte.) We've since gotten more creative and I've been less picky about how comfortable I really have to be to enjoy cuddling.
What I am looking forward to: FOUR DAYS UNTIL OUR ULTRASOUND! I am so dang excited to see our babes again! I haven't seen them since week 9. It seems like such a long time ago and I can't even imagine how they've changed! As far as I've seen, they are cute little glow-worms with nubs for arms and legs. I can't wait to see BABIES in there. I'm preparing for my mind to be blown.
Milestones: Cam feeling kicks from the outside! Also, we are now halfway to MY goal. :) woo!
Realization of the week: These babies will have physical traits from me and Cam. I had a dream that we had a little girl and she had my eyes. Cam said (in the dream) that he could see me in her. And then I cried. I can't wait to meet them and get to know them and pick out features. Little noses, toes, eyes, ears, hands, the list goes on. How incredible is it that these babies are already people?

Also, it is really hard to commit to looking decent once a week for these pictures. oh boy. lol. The last two have been taken on date night because I try to look normal anyhow.


  1. Kristin you're so cute! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. "Total weight gain/loss: +22 <– and proud of it! Grow babies grow!" Good girl! Love the updates!

  3. You make the most beautiful pregnant woman. Lucky little babies...and lucky Cam, too.

  4. oh my, you look beautiful! pregnancy gloowww! love the story about cam feeling the kick.

  5. Aww--you are too cute! I love your cute belly!

  6. I just love you ...and rational breakdowns are not my forte either! LOL