Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We've decorated for Christmas over here at the Call house. I love that Cameron leaves the tree lights on for me to wake up to every morning before he leaves for work. :) My favorite part of the tree is that every ornament has a story. My family has had the tradition of buying an ornament wherever we go on family vacations, and my grandmother painted an ornament for each of her grandkids every year. It makes my heart happy to see that there is a growing collection of ornaments from me and Cam's life together instead of a bunch of "kristin" ornaments. In the pictures, the first ornament is one we picked up on our trip to Disneyland last year. Then comes the "Oh Lola!" ornament. You can see the key from our first car, which was purple, tied to the top. We totaled it in a snowstorm last Christmas. The high heel is from my advertising internship. The snowflake is from BYU graduation. The I Love You ornament is from our first anniversary. Putting up the tree this year made me realize just how much of a life we've made together already. It also made me realize how much life is ahead of us. :) I love that.

Additionally, the silhouette has really made Christmas crafting fun. :) I used a bit of white vinyl to make the Oh Lola ornament (after using spray adhesive inside a cheap clear ornament and shaking purple glitter all over) and made the Merry Little Christmas sign from a piece of scrap wood from when we deconstructed the couch and some vinyl. I sure love being able to create anything I can imagine or re-create anything I've seen. :)


  1. I just might copy your merry little Christmas sign. Exactly.

  2. I clicked on the link to your blog from Mrs. R's new post. Then I watched your video and cried, what a perfect way to announce your pregnancy! Congratulations!
    After being infertile for 8.5 years and one adoption later, we were blessed to become pregnant. And three years later we just had our second biological baby.
    So glad you get to experience pregnancy, it's the best. :)