Wednesday, November 30, 2011

21 Week Update

How far along? 21 Weeks 1 Day
Total weight gain/loss: +27 <– It made me feel better that BOTH of our boys are bigger than average. They're already tall for their age.
Maternity clothes? We hit the black friday sales at Kohl's and nabbed 3 maternity tops. It is so nice to have stuff that actually fits!
Best moment this week: My chiropractic appointment. Oh my word YES. I would pay big money to be able to sleep on my stomach on that drop table.
Movement: Yes. :) Cam finally felt Baby A, who oddly enough is the runt of the two. He has been kicking a lot lately. I think he's happy to be noticed.
Waist Diameter:  38″ However, I have a couple shirts that hide it really well. I wore a black shirt the other day and if you saw me from the front, I look very much un-pregnant. A side-view is a very different story.
Food cravings: So, I mostly like hot food. I've been pounding chester's flamin' hot fries like they're going out of style and hurt my throat. Apparently flamin' hot snacks + pepper jack cheese isn't good in large quantities. Who knew? (It seriously felt like I had a draft in my throat, like there was a window open back there...weirdy)
Labor Signs: Mr. Braxton Hicks has made his debut. I know it's REALLY time to sit down and put my feet up when my whole belly gets hard. Makes things tricky when you're grocery shopping.
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Moving. ha. No, but really. Getting out of bed, getting out of the car, picking something up, bending...these will all quickly becomes things I did "way back when."
What I am looking forward to: Making stockings for our family of 4. I bought all the stuff. I just need to psyche up and cut them out. I can't wait to see them all in a row up our stairs.
Milestones: Stretch marks on my boobs. TMI?
Realization of the week: I can't do as much as I used to. Normally, when I'm in a rut, I make a master list of everything I want to get done, prioritize it, and get crankin'. This week, I tried that. And by 11 am I had hit a wall. I forced myself to get dinner in the crock pot and then watched The Biggest Loser until I fell asleep. I realized that nap and relaxation is just as productive as doing the dishes, cleaning, etc. It's taking care of my boys. And they need it.


  1. Ahh.. the boob stretch marks. Those are the best. And when you are pregnant (especially with twins I would think) naps ARE productive and necessary! Those little guys need it and so do you :)

  2. MmMmMmMm... hot fries. Eat an extra bag for me! If anyone gives you any guff about it, tell them you are eating for FOUR. One just happens to live in Massachusetts. ;)

  3. Taking naps is definitely a productive use of time. Think about how much newborns sleep because their body is growing so much... your body is going through a LOT of changes right now and needs all the energy you can devote to it! Plus you're growing not one, but 2 little humans inside of you! That takes a lot of energy! After the babies come though you'll look back at this point of your pregnancy and think about how productive you were. I only have one and I don't get anything done during the day!

  4. Cute picture, its fun to have the tree in there! And super cute pregnant lady shirt! ;)

  5. Also, take it as a mama compliment...your tummy is getting SO big! But as we discussed, that was the hope right? haha!

  6. this just made my whole day. lol

  7. Very true shey! It makes me really happy actually. :)

  8. I read your baby blogs religiously haha I love them. Love your baby belly. How often do you get to have one of those? Not often.
    Also, I don't believe in TMI when it comes to things that are important parts of our lives! And our journals. Who cares what other people think :) (this coming from the girl who just posted TMI on my blog yesterday hahaha)

  9. You look fantastic! I still can't believe there are two babies inside! Thanks for blogging so often! It reminds me that I need to be better!

  10. Definitely LOL'd over the tmi. Priceless. Love those baby boys:)