Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 Things

  1. I promise I'm not neglecting the blog. [Ok, semi-lie. It's being neglected, but I'm not being a bum!] I am prepping like crazy for the grand opening of my new digital scrapbooking shop and it is at the c.u.t.e.s.t site. I can't wait to announce it! There will be a major sale, brand-spankin-new products and even some free goodies for you!  So, mark your calendar for July 1st. <3

  2. Major changes are in the works for the Call family. We'll know just how major after a long walk either tonight or tomorrow, hearing back from a certain less-than-awesome professor, and perhaps an arm-wrestling match or two. ["Team Kristin" shirts would be much appreciated.]

  3. This is what my hometown currently looks like.

That fire's been roaring for days now, and as far as I know [and from the looks of things] it's still not under control. Pray for Flagstaff, AZ. My whole family lives there! [extended included...]

In other news, I got possibly the worst night sleep last night, ever. C has some funny sleeping quirks. So, before I launch into this, let's remember: "Love means to love that which is unlovable; or it is no virtue at all." {G.K. Chesterton}

Here's what went down [via conversations with C and my sister, L]:

L: hi

Me: hey there. how did the Lilster sleep last night?

L: terrible. up from 11-1, up at 4 and 4:45, up at 6-6:30

Me: gross. sounds about like my night actually. C was freaking restless

L: perhaps he needs to be swaddled [L recently stumbled upon the glories of swaddling her little girl. longer naps have totally revolutionized the whole Mom thing for her.]

Me: haha maybe. I woke up at 4am because every ten seconds or so, he would whack his head down to his pillow twice. thunk thunk --------- 15 seconds ---------- thunk thunk

L: :)

Me: that went on for about 20-30 times before I punched him and told him to knock it off. he was completely out.

L: your very own personal thunderstorm.

Me: :)

L: might I suggest a king bed?

Me: we have a king. we are l.a.r.g.e

L: oh dear.

-----and in the words of C -----

Me: sweetheart, you were ridiculous last night!

C: why? I thought I slept really good!

Me: did. I don't even think you woke up when I punched you.

C: lol. I'm sorry honey.

Me: It's alright.

C: I don't even remember having a dream of any kind.

Me: Best sleep I had was from 7 to 8 after you'd already left.

C: hahaha. It's the ice cream, honey. You shouldn't eat any of it.

Me: ... I don't think so ...


  1. So the latest I heard from my Firefighter friends, (on the hot shot crew... legit I promise.) We've burned 14,500 acres and because there haven't been any control burns up there there's a ton of pine needles just fueling the fire. Which could take 2-3 weeks to calm down. :(

    but the Eagle Mountain fire is 90% contained.

    and the Hardy Fire is 40% contained..

    that lovely picture you have... is of the Schultz Fire.. 21% contained. And we're expecting 35mph winds tomorrow.

    I got to make breakfast (pastries) for the volunteers and firefighters this morning.

    Bless their Sweet Hearts. <3

    probably more than you wanted... but still.

  2. I love reading your blog. That being said, I feel like I'm totally behind! But I come back and I feel like I'm just a part of the K+C world. :) So thanks! We're definitely thinking of Flagstaff. I can't believe it. Sheesh. Hope everything goes okay with your wrestling match, whatever it may be. :) And try to get some more sleep. That story was pretty hilarious. Haha! Why are all guys really heavy sleepers??

  3. I like you. It's funny how sleep is #1 on our list of conversation topics. It's key-whether you're 5 months or 25. Sleep well Cameron! Ditto to Lori-I hope your wrestling match goes well!

  4. hehe! we hated him for thunking every time we camped in the trailor: the whole thing shook! i have sepcific memories of all of us yelling at thim to hold still in there! we laugh now. maybe someday you will laugh! cant wait to hear about the major changes!