Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween in AZ

We took a quick trip down to AZ last weekend to say goodbye to Max, our faithful, fun date car. C's parents had a truck for us, and with our recent obsession with carpentry, how could we resist? Plus, C's brother Jared will be home from his mission soon [crazy?!] and will need Max to woo the young ladies.

We picked a great weekend to go for a number of reasons.

1. We left on the day we found out IUI #1 didn't work. Thank you, THANK YOU, for all of your prayers, fasting, temple-ing, etc. on our behalf. We sincerely appreciate it, and felt every single prayer, and hope that you'll continue it when we decide to start up treatments again in a couple of months [after the holidays.]

2. JT had a football game on Friday night that we were able to catch. He played his mind out, left it on the field, and I was giddy watching my baby brother completely tear it up. [No pictures. I was too excited. Sorry! Although, for all you SHS-ers, I even managed a "GO PANTHERS" once or twice. It took a lot of psyching myself up and tasted like vinegar coming out of my mouth, but I support family. Even if they DO go to COCONINO. Ugh. I will, however, die before a "Go Eagles" escapes my lips. I'm still working on being mature.]

3. Rick marched in the NAU homecoming parade Saturday morning. He looked so cute studly in his uniform.

[caption id="attachment_1232" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="He's the tall snare drummer on the end. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1233" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="I can't believe how small he makes me look! He's 14. Sheesh. "][/caption]

4. Amberlee had a Halloween party to go to on Saturday night, but she couldn't get a hold of anyone for details. She decided she just wouldn't go. At the last minute, one of her friends called her and said she would be by to pick her up in 5 minutes! Adrienne and I went into high gear turning Amberlee into a 50s girl. She looked GREAT if I do say so myself. *Air Five Adrienne!*

5. 20 hours in the car means C and I get uninterrupted time to talk, laugh, and remind ourselves just exactly why we are best friends. It also means that we have completely focused time to discuss moving forward with our family. From talking to the doctor, we'll most likely be needing to do IVF, which comes with a $25,000 price tag. Having so much time to discuss just exactly how we're going to make that work was wonderful. I love being on the same page with him. He is such an incredible, selfless man. I am the luckiest. girl. ever.


  1. Ug! The red and black hurts me! Those poor younger siblings!

  2. We'll keep you in our prayers. And I just have to say, I am pretty proud you let out a "go panthers." I know it must've taken a lot. Whew. Welcome to the dark side. Bwa-ha-ha.

  3. you are a lucky gal, he is a great man. ;D we like him. but we like you too! :D glad you had a nice trip. love ya!