Friday, November 5, 2010

Suns Game!

While I realize that certain members in my extended family may refer to this game as the "Jazz" game, we'll just avoid all silly-talk and call it what it was. :) The Suns won by 16! woot.

C & I, and C's twin Kiara & her friend Sarah represented in the Orange & Purple for the Suns. We were not really among friends. I had never been to an NBA game before, & I really had a great time! Thanks Adam & Em for scoring us some tickets!

I had no idea how intense fans can be, especially AT the games. I will say, though, that we enjoyed watching the fans sitting near us as much as, if not more than the game itself. lol. cracks me up. I think someone needs to explain to them that they are NOT the ones on the court playing. Too much.

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  1. Oh no. They're out there on the court. Blood, sweat, and tears. But it sure looks like fun! We need to go and do that!