Monday, March 7, 2011

Love Notes

It's high time I posted something created with my silhouette! I made this candy jar mailbox back in February and left it for C to find. There was a note on the top of it that explained:

"There's only one rule. To take the note inside, you must replace it with one of your own!"

It was intended to be a Valentine's Day decoration, but we won't be putting it away any time soon!

I designed it in Silhouette Studio, cut it out on contact paper (SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN VINYL OR TRANSFER PAPER!) with the silhouette, adhered the contact paper to the candy jar and etched it with armouretch for about 3 minutes. The design says "C + K, Post Office Department, What I Like About You Division"

The love notes that come out of this baby are stellar. :) I highly recommend trying something like this out!