Friday, May 18, 2012


We spent the next 24 hours in Flagstaff. It was so nice to see my family for a bit after everything that had happened the week before. My parents are such a safe place for me. I loved seeing them dote on these boys. It's really fun. My dad is a total softie around babies. It's just different than I'm used to. The boys got to meet great grandma Frost as well. Nash was hamming it up and Gray was all sorts of squirmy after being in the car.

Grandpa McGuire with Nash.

Grammy giving the boys some love before bath time.

The kitchen sink is where it's at! I love how my dad looks in this picture. It gave me a sweet glimpse into the tenderness that was around when us kids were little.

Uncle Rick gives the best rub downs. Gray was soaking this up!

Aunt Alyssa getting in on the bath time action.

Nash all warm and dry with Uncle Rick.

It's a tradition in my family to go get your toes done after you have a baby. Cam took the boys the next day so I could go to the mall with my mom for a little pampering. This is what I came home to. Cam was exhausted (obviously) from driving all the way here and putting up with the nightmare of what it took to get here. Gray is happy to sleep anytime, anywhere, so he happily followed suit. And Nash is ready to always. Love my men.


My mom really has gone from "mom" status to best friend status. I love her dearly. She really does know everything. Especially how to help me conquer any fear. Couldn't do this without her.

We left Flagstaff around 5 and drove as fast as we could. Nash was absolutely flipping out though. So done being in the car. And so we pulled off at a "scenic overlook" to take him out of his car seat and calm him down. (True to form, Gray was sleeping...) Turns out those views really are quite pretty! I'm loving the slower pace these boys bring to our life. Really made me stop and think about why we're always in such a hurry.

Next stop, Queen Creek! (finally!)


  1. So happy you got to spend some quality time with your family!

  2. Oh I didn't know you were in town, I wish we could have seen you guys! But I totally understand you don't need every extended relative crowding around when you're passing through, sometimes it's all about the close family :) Hope I can meet those boys soon, I've read so much about them! Take care <3

  3. It makes me SO happy you went and got your toes done. I had been just fine avoiding the laughie cryie face until I saw that. Guess it makes it official you're a mom now. :)