Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Saturday we slept in and Lillie had a pretty high fever. Lindsay didn't trust my new fangled thermometer I got at one of my baby showers and wouldn't believe that Lillie really had a fever of 103. Lindsay tends to do that with illness though. Doesn't believe it exists. So, we went around the room taking everyone else's temperatures and then back to Lillie. Most reads were 98.4 - 99.1. Lillie's consistently read 103-104, so we decided the thermometer worked and Lillie did, indeed, have a fever. So they took her upstairs for a cold bath. And her fever broke. And she started acting more Lillie-like. Meaning her energy level shot through the roof, right where it belongs. And so, we packed up and went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.


This was the day I discovered that fantastic hat. And the first day the boys wore shoes. We were on cuteness overload.


  1. What cute pictures. :) And the rest of the pictures are fabulous-but for some reason, I'm feeling the birdhouse picture. Seriously, I want to blow it up and put it in my kitchen.

  2. Kristin! It is all so beautiful it is almost too much to take. Glad you have a piano in the house ;) I know they will love you singing them to sleep and teaching them the piano and all that jazz as they grow to know you more.