Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Men

{For the next little while, I'm going to be blogging a little bit of catch up posts. More for me and my mom and sisters than anything else. But I thought I wouldn't deprive you all of the pictures.}

When the boys turned six weeks old, we moved them out of our bedroom closet and into their big crib in their very own nursery. About a week later, we were packing up to move to Arizona. If it wasn't heart wrenching enough to come upstairs one day to find their pack and play taken down, packing up their nursery was a whole new ball game. It broke my heart to take down the prints, cribs, and arrivals clocks. All that planning put away.

Cameron let me pack up the biggest poster to hang up here in Arizona. We brought their crib instead of just the pack and play. And for the next three days, I got to have my boys sleep in the pack and play right next to me while we camped as a family in our half packed up house in the living room.

Pretty sweet to let them be little for a couple more nights.

It was good for my heart.

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  1. I hadn't put quite as much work into kaylee's room but I do feel your pain. We decided to move out of our condo when kaylee was about 2 weeks old. The worst part is I couldn't take the painted walls with me to use again some day. I'm sure you doing what is best for your family and that makes it all worth it eventually.