Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Out There!

WOW! You guys blew me away. I had no idea you were all popping by every now and again. Thanks for saying hello! I'm sorry for being so rude and not posting anything substantial for a while... heh. I'm currently working my way through the comments and checking out all of your blogs. You guys are cool! I'm going to have to start posting the sweet things I find on my readers' sites. They're totally things you should know about. Someday...

Well, it's been a little crazy. I haven't had time to write at all since I last posted. (I haven't even had time to skype my sisters..makes me sad!) We've had family in town and I've been working on some super cute design work. I'm afraid I bit off a little more than I could chew and have been designing my brains out the past little while. I love it though. And when I'm doing a lot of design work, I only love the things I create even more. I get into a groove. Anyhow, my head is almost above water again. And cute pictures of the boys are in abundance. Major news is that:


And you guys thought they were cute before? You should see how smiley they are when they're all rested. Not kidding. [Here's where you say "yeah. Kristin. We would if you would post pictures!" They are worth the wait, I promise!]

Gray was chatting up a storm, so I went to get him out of bed to start the day and hopefully let Nash wake up naturally. Well, Nash was just grinning and looking all around. Both boys awake and happy. I'm pretty happy after a good night's rest too. I feel like a whole new person.

Maybe that's why I spent the day picking apples in a skirt and flip flops and making apples in red hot cinnamon syrup to can up. [Which is why I'm writing, actually...I'm waiting for the canner to finish doing its thing...] I felt so summery. Cameron's uncle has the most amazing apple trees and he had "more than he could handle." His wife apparently had a few bushels inside already for her own use, so he told me to stop by and pick as many as I wanted. In 15 minutes I had four bags bursting with big, juicy, crisp apples.

I pulled out my canning book Lindsay got me for Christmas and tracked down a few recipes I've had dogeared. The red-hot cinnamon syrup apples are only the beginning. [They totally have red-hots in them, by the way. YUM. I'll be using them in my oatmeal, I think. And on top of ice cream.] Spiced Cider Apple Butter is also on the list, along with applesauce and fresh apple juice. I'm beyond excited.

[I also re-found my recipe for canned strawberry lemonade concentrate...can't wait to try that one this summer!]

Just so you know I'm not forgetting about you [I feel so connected to you now that you've all said hello...The internet is a weird thing. Creating relationships all over the place.] Here's what's on tap to be posted just as fast as I can get them written:

  • The boys' blessing. Cute white suits. Lots of tears. It was a beautiful day. Another bit of my dream life. Cameron did a beautiful job.

  • Cloth diapering these boys. What pattern I used, what stuff I used, how I made them, how they're working for us, etc.

  • Breastfeeding twins. <--this is a much more dramatic topic than I would like it to be. Hopefully the drama is over for a while. I think we've got something that works! But the story is worth telling, because I'm sure it will happen to someone else. And I would like to be one voice that says DON'T GIVE UP! IT'S NOT OVER! [and it's worth the fight!]

  • The recipe for these cinnamon apples. Good heck the kitchen smelled good while they were simmering.

  • Recent Snapshots

  • And the boys' 3 month update with the little details of their world. They turn 3 months on Saturday. CRAZY.

  • My summer goals list and a full on explanation of how the summer goals came to be and why I keep doing them.

  • My personal "home management binder" and all that has helped me stay on top of finances, chores, baby stuff, and still find time for the things I love.

  • A hilarious perk of moving back into your husband's high school bedroom. [Snippets of his angsty years. AMAZING. lol.]

  • My most recent designs. I'm really proud of them. The latest bride I worked with was a total doll. And she had a great style. That's a great combination!

  • Our latest family pictures. Swapped with a photographer for some design work. She is SO talented! [And in the Utah area. If you need someone to capture your beautiful life, seriously call her. If you need her info e-mail me, or it'll for sure be in the post if you have time to be patient. :)]

  • A print I designed about "recognizing your heaven." [From the daughters in my kingdom book.] Really inspires me lately.


Anyhow, it's bedtime over here. I've just been feeling bad that you all did your part and then I left you hanging.

There will be much more to come. As you can tell. :)

As my sister says, fight the good fight.



  1. Very excited for all those posts!!

  2. Thanks for responding to all of us! Those apple recipes sound really great.

  3. can't wait to read all those exciting posts. and two shout outs to those wonderful boys for sleeping so well the past couple nights. it's amazing what sleep can do for a mother! love ya!

  4. I'm a little late in admitting my lurking, but I love reading your blog! When we were in the 201st ward, I think you guys were the first couple to invite us over after we got married. :) Anyway, your boys are adorable. And it's so exciting that they slept through the night... such a wonderful thing!