Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home Management Binder: Daily Docket

If you missed it, the overall post about the home management binder is here.

Alright, so the first part of my binder is the Daily Docket. It's the meat of the whole thing. It ties the other parts together, and honestly, if I had to pick one part to do, this would be it. I get so much done with this little piece of paper. When I started out making my Daily Docket, I got a little carried away. And I made it too complicated. This is where I started:

It had too much on it and it stressed me out. There was wasted space on it because the sections didn't work for me. I removed the daily schedule portion, the drink more water portion, and the morning and evening checklists. It is SO much better! So, if you're looking to make your own, write down a list of everything you think your daily docket should include, and then delete 3-4 of them. You will thank me later.

After the clean-up, this is where I landed. And I love it. [Click the image to download the printable file]

Exhale. So much better. I have figured out a trick to making this work for me. I absolutely HAVE to fill it out the night before. Right before bedtime. Otherwise, I waste half the day trying to figure out what I really want to do vs. how tired I am. When I fill it out the night before, things like

"Hey! I cleaned the fridge before 9!"

or "Well, now that dinner's already in the crock pot, what should I do during the boys' afternoon nap?"

come out of my mouth.

And it rocks. I also get a whole lot of satisfaction from crossing things off. No more check boxes. The nicest part about it is that my day is thought out when I'm at the end of the day before and I know full well what I would do with a few extra hours in the day. Now, those tasks actually get done because they're mapped out for the next day. And I am actually excited to get up. No lie. This is a huge deal for me. The past couple weeks, I have been working on supporting Cam and waking up with him at 5:15 am to pack his lunch, have breakfast and scriptures with him, and get a jump on the day. It's addicting. I LOVE having the time to myself. I can workout, shower, and get my chores done before the boys even wake up. This morning, I did Zumba, showered, made the bed, started the laundry, hung the diapers to dry on the line, did my scripture study and made myself a yummy uninterrupted breakfast before the boys made a peep. And when they did wake up, I was so happy to see them! I am a better mom because of this little piece of paper. Another one of my friends posted on Facebook that she hates when naptime is over and it's been wasted. Me. Too. Oh it is the worst feeling. And I avoid that feeling when this is filled out. I know exactly what I am doing during that time. And the house is clean, and I know what we're having for dinner, and I feel human because I've done even the smallest workout and/or showered. I could sing its praises all day.

Here's an example of mine all filled out:

Next Up: The Budget. [Yikes!]


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  2. kristin, i love this idea, i have tried many forms of this myself....they are so helpful. so what is the notes section at the bottom for??? and the daily six, are those six things you want to accomplish during that day??? if you do not get everything crossed off that day does it just carry over to the next???

  3. The notes section is for a bunch of different things. Phone numbers of people I need to call for things on my six list, recipes, doodles, lists of blog posts that need to make it on the blog. I use it for whatever I need that day, which is why I left it so vague, so it could be anything! The daily six is exactly that, the six things [outside of chores] that I need to get done, setting appointments, design client work, canning produce, going grocery shopping, researching something I've been meaning to, finishing projects, etc. And if I don't get everything crossed off in my chores section, it carries over. If it's on the six list, sometimes I carry it over [if it was super important, if not I just leave it because clearly I didn't want to do it as bad as I thought I did. :)]

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