Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Guy Ties

I saw a link on pinterest for "little guy ties" and they claimed you could make one in 20 minutes. I got together with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago and we set about making some Sunday finery for our kiddos. I'm willing to bet you could, no doubt, put one of these ties together in 20 minutes if you do not currently have a little boy to put the tie on. Otherwise, count on it taking quite a bit longer. After an hour and a half, I still wasn't done cutting out my fabric. Following a 4 hours marathon, I had 8 half finished ties. The next day during naps, I was able to finish the neck bands for all 8, no sweat. They really are simple. Perhaps a project to do at home so your kids get really good naps instead of at a friends' house. Really Nash & Gray just decided that it was the perfect time to become extremely excited about everything I was doing. No sleep. No sir.

The main debate is whether velcro or elastic is better. In my opinion, elastic wins every time. I made 6 of the 8 with velcro. I will be changing those to elastic in the very near future. SO much easier to get on your boy! And if it ever gets too small, it is so much easier to fix. I sure think they make for handsome gentlemen though. I believe in white shirts and ties for church, so they need a variety to choose from, clearly. This is the equivalent of making fun headbands for little girls in my opinion. I have since made 4 more. 2 navy blue bow ties and silky pink polka-dotted neck ties.

If you do decide to do velcro, be sure to make it the full 16" the pattern calls for. I thought that looked too long for my little, tiny, babes. They are not so little tiny and the neck bands are already too small.

Love these, though! I love feeling like I can make new ties for any occasion. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Family Pictures. So great.




  1. OMG SOOOOOOOO CUTE! I am dying. And then with those adorable cloth diapers?... I am pretty sure that you might be the the biggest super mom I have ever met. I really don't know how you do it!

  2. Question - how is the safety factor with elastic? Does it go all around the neck or is there a type of release on it should it get caught on something?

    Thanks. Will be checking this out for my little guy!

  3. So awesome! I really love how there are two of each color!

  4. You know? I didn't think about that. We always tuck the elastic under their collars and make sure the collar is buttoned down, so the elastic doesn't come out EVER. I will have to figure something out for when their curious little minds figure out there is stretchy stuff under their collar. :)

  5. I make these for my guys, so dang cute and make church so fun. I love taking them to the fabric store now and letting them pick what they want.

  6. I imagine Velcro or even a traditional tie are the same safety wise, I just wondered about design details on the elastic. Usually nursery or primary aren't too wild for safe tie wearing so we'll see what's on sale and give it a go. :)