Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Releases: 4.21.10 [A GIVEAWAY!]

I've recently finished a super cute set of jumbo monogram templates for my trend-letters series. The lower case ones are about 6-8" big and can be layered with your favorite papers.

Note: The papers in this preview are from a brand spankin' new kit called "Hello Rain." Inspired by a most unfortunate dance number from when I was a 4-year-old. Miss Alice Ann, my instructor, really upset me when she stuffed my sash that had fallen to the ground mid-chasee [<--looked that one up. It's pronounced Shah-Say], right up my leotard through the leg hole. We danced to the song "Hello Rain." It's a favorite family video. [Stop laughing Lindsay. Really.]

Anyway, these letter templates are available here.

But if you'd like to add these to your stash for FREE, leave a comment with your letter of the day and why! I'll pick 3 winners on Friday.

Example: My letter of the day today is P. for "Phew" because C finished his last final today and this semester has been beasty!

It's also for "Proud" because I married a genius.

and "Port, Air" because my mom is coming in 2 hours and I can hardly wait! [<--yes, I realize that's a stretch. Bear with me. Deal: First person to figure out a better "P" word for my mom coming into town gets these free too.]

O, and if you decide to spread the love via twitter or FB, leave a comment telling me so and you can have an extra entry.


  1. ummmm
    P for PLANE RIDE??? wow, that was tough! but dont give it to me, i should get your stuff, all you are willing to give cus of "mawwige" ya!

  2. B for Birthday!! Happy birthday to Jake! :)ps Soo excited for you to graduate :)

  3. F for Fabulous! I love these letters, what an awesome idea. I'm 7 months done with my little boys first year and I just started scrapping for the first time ever in January! I love your work!

  4. C = courage. It takes courage to get up everyday and make a difference in someone else's life. :-)

  5. P for P-town of course! (aka provo). She's coming to provo!

  6. R = Relax because I so enjoying relaxing with my family. :)

  7. So so cute! my letter for the day is A for attention... I want to give my kids all of my attention today! Because sometimes I get distracted and let all of the "this needs to get done" stuff get in the way. :) So fun! Thanks for the giveaway. I love this idea for the monogrammed/papered combo! Totally customizable.

  8. S= Sick. Both kids and I are sick with a stuffy nose and sniffles. Yick. I hope we'll get more sleep tonight and get better soon. I love your awesome letter templates.

  9. Hi There...

    Love your letters they look gorgeous!!!
    My letter for today is A which equals Awesome day...all three of my children called me to chat today, and that was so awesome!!! I'm so happy :)