Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Call Family Food Revolution

We're quitting. Cold Turkey.

C & I have a bit of a sweet tooth problem. We eat homecooked meals and even bake our own bread at this point [yay, college!] but our downfall is sugar. Some people have a sweet tooth, our entire jaw is made up of sweet teeth. Not good. Especially when you're signed up to run a half marathon [whole marathon in C's case] in June.

So we're quitting. We went on a good long walk in the fieldhouse on campus and both decided we wanted to be healthier. I suggested we drop sugar until C graduates. That's next April: so just over a year away. Once we were both on board, C had a little bit of a hard time understanding exactly what that meant.

"So, can we still make doughnuts?"

"What if we don't ice them, we just roll them in sugar?"

"What about pancakes with powdered sugar?"

"What about your graduation brunch?"

"Weren't you going to make Up cakes for me for finals week?"

"Can we still have Chocolate Chip pancakes?"

He then informed me that he drew the line at chocolate milk. He drinks it after his long runs. Apparently, it has the perfect combination of proteins, carbs, and fats that you need after a hard work out. We'll see if I can find a replacement for that. Maybe I could bring back his favorite spinach shakes.

We had an intervention last night. My wonderful sister-in-law Kiara works at fresh market and brought us gobs of clearanced Easter candy. The good stuff. We gathered it all up and took it to our next door neighbors. They didn't want it either, but said they'd take it to a study group later this week. It's about time for finals. Heaven knows SOMEONE needs the sugar.

The theme here is fruit. Sugar replaced with fruit. Ice cream replaced with homemade sorbet. Healthy recipes. Sugar-free desserts. Natural ingredients. Whole grains. And yes, this will all be included in OAMC.

We're planting a garden, too. I'd like to do it sooner rather than later, but I woke up to an inch of snow! It's mid-April! augh.

Here's to more energy. Clear skin. Balanced hormones. [& hopefully sunshine!]

What's your first step to a food revolution? Small steps make a world of difference!


  1. Charissa and I recently started doing that as well! We have been watching Food Revolution and my wife, being a Public Health major, loves to show me what I should and should not eat and why. :)

    I don't consider myself an unhealthy eater by any means, but I do like my doritos, my ice cream every now and then, my cream soda! LOVE IT!

    Anyways, we just recently threw out all the candy and have vowed not to buy anymore. Half of our refrigerator is fruits and vegetables, and you know what? Strawberries are SOOO good and cheap right now. Grapefruit is wonderful. They aren't bad snacks. :)

    Congrats on starting your food revolution!

  2. ooh. grapefruit sounds like a great idea! YUM.

  3. My husband and I make 'Whey Protein Shakes' (can buy at Walmart) for our snacks. 2/3 C. Water, 1/3 C. frozen blueberries, 1/3 C. frozen strawberries, 1/2 scoop (comes with the powder) whey powder (we prefer vanilla with the fruit, but it comes in chocolate, cookies n cream, and strawberry) blend in the magic bullet - yummo...taste like a treat! Full of protein and fruit...keeps you full and only 110 calories!!

  4. Eatingwell.com is a brilliant website. It has TONS of ideas on there for healthy living and I've liked every recipe that I've tried. Way to go you guys! And I still think that you should make the Up! cakes. Those are too cute.

  5. oh YUM. That sounds awesome! It's the end of the chocolate milk as C knows it :)

  6. lol! guess we wont be feeding you guys till after april! i try to control so many people and things in my life right now, just getting to the grocery store is a big accomplishment, planning out what i am getting, not happening yet...

  7. We're eating pretty healthy but trying to constantly get better, including less salt and sugar. Hope you won't start using much fake sugar though, I don't think it's truly good for you.

  8. I agree. I'm not a big fan of chemical sweeteners. My sister is at culinary school and sent me a sweetener taste sheet along with nutrition information [what it's made out of]. For now, we're just not doing processed sugar. [cakes, candy, cookies, ice cream, etc.] We'll look into replacements when we just can't take it anymore! and even then, it'll be kept to a minimum.