Wednesday, September 15, 2010

McGuire Family Reunion

Not to be outdone, my dad's family had a reunion over Labor Day weekend. We stayed in a little town called Junction, UT in an old courthouse. When we drove into town, I seriously didn't know where we were. It literally does not have a traffic light. I quickly ate my words, though, when we walked inside the courthouse. It was awesome! Huge kitchen, tons of bedrooms, a library [where we stayed], a massive game room with air hockey, bumper pool, and foosball, etc. Outside had tons of grass, a fire-pit, a hammock, and plenty of seating.

The first night, we sat around recording stories to put in my grandparents' life history. It was so fun to see my Dad and his siblings recount stories from their childhood and laugh like crazy, or remember what amazing people their parents were.

The next day was pretty much free to do whatever we wanted. My parents, C & Me, and my brother Rick decided to go hike to a waterfall near Escalante [or so we thought]. I was supposed to be the navigator and managed to add a full half hour onto our drive. [sorry!] I really can read a map. That map was just slightly confusing.

Mom's "laughie-cry" face even made an appearance. [This pic is for my sisters. :) You're welcome, in advance.] My parents were exhausted from being on Lake Powell for the past few days [rough life, eh?] so they let C drive while they tried to remain mature and secure in the back. Mom was really ready to be out of the car. :)

However, the drive and hike were totally worth it when we came around the corner and saw this:

The water was freezing cold. I got in to about my mid calf and decided that was definitely far enough. C and Rick scaled the cliff and slid all the way down the slippery rocks.

Before we left, however, Rick decided to man up and actually get all the way in the waterfall. Crazy Kid.

It really was a great hike!

We got back to the courthouse just in time for dinner and an all-family kickball game. Dad got out trying to stretch a triple into a homerun and even dove for the plate, but missed it by *that much*. I still think his team ended up beating mine. :)

We ended the reunion with a rousing game of Sedarahc. [Charades backwards.] It's this fabulous game where your entire team acts out the word and one person guesses. I must say, Dad's rendition of "electric chair" and Uncle James' "escalator" were by far my favorites. Aunt Kelly's "circus" was also quite entertaining. :)

That last picture would be Uncle James doing his incredibly convincing "escalator" while his son Ethan grabs his head in frustration. I don't think Ethan ever got "escalator." But look at all those smiling faces!

Thanks for a great reunion! Kelly, you seriously did an amazing job planning everything! Can't wait til the next one!


  1. Perfectly captured! What a great weekend.

  2. Oh man! I wish we could've come. It looks like a blast. Yes. We will plan on next year!!

  3. I LOVE Calf Creek! But there is nothing on earth to convince me to get in the water. Way too cold. How fun, I love fam reunions.