Friday, September 24, 2010

My Grandmother's Pearls

I made this page for our wedding album [yes, I'm still working on it almost 2 years later...pathetic? yah.] but I'm thinking this is going to be one page that is framed in our home somewhere. Those pearls are such a symbol of our family legacy of love that it would be a shame to hide it between the covers of a book.

For those of your who are also a part of this legacy, I would be happy to swap a picture out so you have your own copy. Let me know!

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  1. I was just going through some of the "you might also like" posts, and I saw this one! I am in love with it because Spencer bought me real pearls on our 2nd anniversary! What a great idea to pass them on through the brides! I hope I remember to do that! I was going to give them to Claire when she gets married, since he bought them sort of as an anniversary/first baby thing (he said he was starting a tradition, but I haven't seen any other expensive jewelry for babies #2 and 3!). Ha ha. Anyway, great idea, and precious picture and page. I love your blog.