Monday, September 13, 2010

We Bleed Blue

Those long car trips back and forth from Arizona gave us a lot of time to talk. We re-figured out C's graduation date, yes again, and he's now set to graduate next August. Less than a year from now! Because it's now officially our last year here in Utah, we decided to splurge on all-sports passes. We couldn't afford the football tickets though so I wasn't expecting to see the cougar football team at all this season unless it was on tv, but last Friday I woke up to a brand new BYU Football t-shirt and a note from C explaining that he'd scored some great seats and asking me out to the football game.

Man, I love dating him!

We had seats right at the 50-yard line, high up enough to see exactly what was going on and out of the student section so we didn't have to stand up the entire time. Perfection.

I still get a rush out of doing the wave with the thousands of other cougar fans. And yes, we won. :)

While waiting for the crowds to disperse, we used our all-sports passes to get into the volleyball tournament and cheer on our cougars during a match vs. Cal Poly. [Who, by the way, are green mustangs. Am I the only one from Flagstaff who finds that completely appalling?]

Once the match was over, traffic had totally cleared and we finished the night at 5 guys burgers and fries. Totally great date.

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  1. Appalled. Flat out.

    But it looks like you had a great time ! :)