Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 months

FIVE months old. How on earth are my babies 5 months old? Blows my mind. They are SO much fun right now! We are full of giggles, [and tantrums] and trying new foods, and playing all day. Naps come and go. We've been a little bit all over the place lately. We went up to Idaho for a family reunion, back to Queen Creek, and now we are in Texas for chiropractic school (!!). I am so in love with them. They flirt with everyone, everywhere we go. I survived my first plane ride with them. My mom came with me. They slept the whole time. Genius children. We've started teething, though a tooth has yet to make an appearance. They bite HARD though. It's only a matter of time.

I was way too busy to get a 4 months old post up, so this is a mish mash of the details I want to remember from that point of their little lives.

This is how we spent many of our mornings. Watching the bunnies run through the yard and checking out all the colors outside. I would sit with my back against the door eating my breakfast and we would all talk about our dreams from the night before.

Gray has turned into a total heartthrob. He pulls these faces all the time. Once in a while he will smile up at me and squinch up his nose at the same time and cock his head to one side. I could just smooch him all day long.

The cloth diapers are going really well. We cloth diaper all throughout the day and then they wear disposables at night. I love how their chubby little legs look in them. The laundry isn't near as bad as I was anticipating and there is something wholesome about hanging diapers up on a clothesline. It does my heart good to see my boys wear something I made for them each and every day.

While down in Queen Creek, we got to spend a lot of time with Amberlee. She helped me so much with the boys and man did they adore her!

Nash rolled over one day and hasn't done it since. He'll push himself up like this and just hang out. Gray loves tummy time far too much. Most of the time he sucks his hand and falls asleep. He's just not very interested in moving.

Ah, the sunglasses. The boys wear these little blue sunglasses Aunt 'Lyssa bought them all. the. time. They love them. The sun is like the plague. Full squinchy eyes, throwing back their head, and random hysterics ensue when exposed directly. The sunglasses make things all better. Everyone has a better time.

I made the boys a bunch of little guy ties. (I'll blog about that eventually. SO quick and easy.) I truly believe in white shirts and ties at church and I can't get over how handsome all three boys look every Sunday. They are growing up so fast!

It took us a long time to get health insurance set up after we moved to Arizona. Because of that we skipped their 2 month appointment. I went in for their 4 month appointment and got hit with the vaccination bomb on my own. Cam couldn't come with me and I had left all binkies at home. Needless to say, I wasn't very confident. We had a fantastic nurse. She had all 3 shots done within 10 seconds and had put Nash in my arms before he could even scream once. He calmed down within five minutes and talked and cooed in his car seat so I could be with Gray while he got his shots done. Gray calmed down immediately as well and I left the office with two happy boys. We were good and sore for the next couple days, but I truly enjoyed the cuddle time. I was so proud of them! They do so many brave things.

We met Aunt Sheri for the first time on our way up to Idaho. She is one of the best ooh-ers ever. Made me feel downright talented for making my own cloth diapers. I sure like her. Just being around her is a pick-me-up.

The rest of the month, we spent a great deal of time in the car. I snapped this picture in a Jack in the Box parking lot. I was feeding Nash, Gray had just been burped. We have truly mastered eating/burping/changing on the go.

We spent a few days visiting friends in Utah on our way up to Idaho. The Youngs introduced the boys to toys. Clearly they were a hit. We left with the stark understanding that we needed to find ourselves a toy or two. I had never seen my boys so dang happy!

Nash has turned into quite the drama king. He gets hysterical at the funniest things. For a baby who always cries with a purpose (I consider myself extremely lucky for this), he has been finding a whole lot of purpose lately. He is so funny when he starts making a fuss though. He pouts with the best of them. He sticks his bottom lip out and looks so unbelievably sad, it's heart breaking, but he does it so often that it just cracks me up. What I love most is how my boys interact. One morning, Nash was having a really hard time with living in general. I walked over to pick Nash up and Gray had his hand on Nash's shoulder. I don't think there's anything else that makes my heart happier than the little things that show me they love each other.


  1. Oh my goodness! They are getting more cute every day! I LOVE the picture of the rolly, polly, chunky legs coming out of the cloth diaper! :) So glad you guys are doing well and are settling down in Texas.

  2. What cute smiles! I love the one of Nash's big grin.

  3. Some GREAT pics on there! Love the one of Bobo and also one of Cam with babies. And I'll totally take some ties for x-mas...among pretty much anything you make for me. ;D Haha!
    Cant wait to see the pics you took in Idaho. Love and miss ya!