Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garage Sale Score!

During the week I was in Flagstaff while Cam was driving all over the country, my dad watched the boys so my mom and I could hit a few garage sales. One boasted a bunch of baby toys so we went out with high hopes. That one turned out to be a bust. BUT, there were signs all over the neighborhood for other garage sales so away we went.

We pulled onto a pretty deserted road and after a quick pep talk to my mother about how if there is satan music, we are not getting out of the car [once upon a time, her and I stumbled into a bad craigslist situation with potentially stolen leather couches, satan music, and wannabe pro-wrestler salesmen...perhaps I should tell that story] we pulled into a storage complex. The "garage sale" was in a couple units on the front row. We drove by the unit, decided there were no toys and started to pull a U-ey. My mom had driven by the unit again on the way out and I made her back up. I couldn't tell if it was a camping chair or a stroller, but I jumped out to give it a better look. Folded up in the corner was a double umbrella stroller!

We bought it for $25 before we realized we couldn't get it to open. A half hour of working on it with my dad and we had ourselves a darn near perfect umbrella stroller for the boys. And so we went on a walk. And it rocked.

This is my ticket out of the house. It is so much easier to pick up and go when I don't have to haul the carseats and that massive stroller. And the boys get to hold hands if they want. Win-win. We have fully enjoyed it so far.

AND last major perk, we were pretty calculated as to what we could take on the flight for free and the ONLY other thing we could possibly bring was another stroller. Two babies, two strollers. Boom.


  1. That's Saweet!! I love finding sweet deals like that!

  2. So glad! I told you long ago you would like it more than the car seat one. I love mine, which is why I am a jerk and still use it!