Saturday, August 11, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Arise & Shine Forth EFY 2012 CD

This blog ran off and grew up before my very eyes. I posted about getting to go back to EFY a while ago, and ever since getting to visit during a session, I have been wondering how I can have the same feeling in my everyday life that I enjoyed while I was a counselor 4 years ago. I was so dang excited to get an e-mail from LDS Radio asking if I'd be interested in reviewing and giving away this year's EFY CD on my blog. Um - YES. I love ALL things EFY. And man, this CD is a good one. [oh, and Your LDS Radio streams music like this 24/7 online or on your phone. Rad.]

As soon as we put the CD in our player for the first time, I turned to Cam and asked "Why don't we just listen to music like this all the time? It makes you feel so good and you don't have to worry about any of the garbage that sneaks its way into the rest of the media." Part of me honestly wonders what I'm afraid of. Am I afraid of missing out on something if I just decide not to listen to popular music? Am I afraid of being "too good?" Regardless, the EFY CD for 2012 is awesome. For real. Good enough to make me even question needing popular music? That's pretty good.

I am a lyrics person. Cam is a music person. Together, we appreciate songs in all their glory. I have to say, though, that the styles on this CD are pretty varied. It was really refreshing to jump out of that Janice Kapp stereotype and into something more modern. The theme song is great - Arise & Shine. But I think my favorite track at the moment is the song "He'll answer back." It has a Missy Higgins vibe and invokes confidence in your personal testimony. I love it. I could listen to it over and over again. And every time I hear the chorus my heart just burns. I love the reminder that my God has confidence in me.

He sees the heart inside me.
He knows the strength I have.
He's always there beside me.
When I kneel down, I know He'll answer back.

The gap between followers of Christ and followers of the adversary is widening. The gray area is almost completely gone. It will cease to exist before we know it. Sometimes I panic because I don't know how I'm going to be able to raise my boys in a world that is so evil. Sometimes I smile with a confidence that comes from a higher power because I know He is watching over us and that we are steadfastly on His side. Anything to help me keep my feet firmly planted on His team is exactly what I need in my life. The lyrics from the Arise & Shine Forth CD help empower and remind me of the responsibility I have. I love that.

There's a song called "All Great Men" on the CD that also just brings me so much peace. I hope my boys will listen to it and understand it and strive to live up to its words. I feel like young men nowadays are either rockin' or total losers. Cam is rockin'. Lucky me. :) I hope my boys will be rockin' too. WANT to get married. WANT to have a family. WANT to work hard to provide, preside and protect. Having media around that encourages that can only help.

I know the CD is aimed at the youth. Maybe I'm immature, but I couldn't help but connect with it on a totally personal level. It came into my life during a bit of a rough patch and it was exactly what I needed.

So, want a copy for you? I thought so.

Enter below and I'll pick a winner next Friday!

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Full Disclosure: I received compensation for this post in the form of a CD to keep and a CD to give away to one of my awesome readers. All the opinions are completely my own. I'll tell ya if it totally stinks! Don't worry. :)


  1. You had me at "Missy Higgins vibe." Done and done!

  2. How fun, a giveaway!!! I am excited. I hope I win:)

  3. Love a giveaway and love EFY!

  4. Ohh! Yay! LOVE EFY!!! :)

    PS - You would never be a loser, your blog is amazing!

  5. HOT DIGGITY! ...i have heard the CD's have improved since the strange days (cough, 07 and 08, cough), and that intrigues me in a big way! oh how i miss EFY. love of my heart!

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  7. You are so official now! I want to me official :)

  8. Ooooh a giveaway! I love EFY and EFY music :)

  9. whoop whoop! efy cds are my fav!!