Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can You Keep Up?

C ran the Provo City half marathon this weekend. The race started at 8 in the morning. So did a freezing cold hail/slush/snow/ice storm. My job was to be at the finish line by 9:30. I had my A game on. Prepped with an extra sweatshirt for C, cold chocolate milk [his favorite recovery drink], flip video, and regular camera in tow I headed out the door. I even had an umbrella. [I know, mom. Be so totally impressed.] One major thing I’m missing?

My keys!

They’re mocking me from between the seats inside my locked car. Awesome.

My phone goes off. It’s my sister asking if I want to g-chat at the moment. Great timing. lol. In one breath I lay out the entire situation and she promptly hangs up the phone.

I call my prego neighbor…who are we kidding? It’s 9:25 on a Saturday morning. No prego is going to answer the phone, even if they CAN hear the ringing.

Enter new friend Lacey from the building down the street. I’m getting really good at explaining my situation and no lie, 1 minute later she’s in front of my house, looking fabulous and car warm. Meanwhile, I’m selfishly praying the weather really takes a toll on C’s time. She jets me down to the finish line where I miss C by…

3 minutes!

[ironically, it's because they blocked off the road so the runners could get through.]

C didn’t mind too much. Awesome, patient, wonderful man that he is. I felt horrible. He was freezing and assured me that he was glad I wasn’t waiting in the cold for too long. Sometime I’ll develop that level of maturity.

He came in 13th in his age group, with a time of:

1 hour and 42 minutes.

Super proud of you, babe. Can’t wait for the real deal on June 12th!

And just in case, I’m making a duplicate key for Lola, our [mostly] reliable little purple car.


  1. Am I the prego neighbor in this story??? Because i SWEAR my phone never rang. I was up! - are you proud?

    Congrats to Cam though! and props to you for being so supportive :)

  2. Way to go Cameron! You rock!! At least I promptly hung up the phone-I knew that I would be zero help from Denver. :)

  3. @Danica way proud! maybe I have the wrong number for you or something. . .
    @ Lindsay lol. sorry for cutting you off, but it was great talking to you last night!

  4. nice work cam! wish i was woman enough to join you! great pic of the wetness, sweat or rain, who knows!