Monday, May 17, 2010


Me & Oreo. My parents got me Oreo for my 4th birthday.

I received an e-mail today from one of my best childhood friends, Nicole Paolini. We used to live next door to each other when we were about 4 years old, on Birch Falls road in Houston, Texas.

I'm on the far left. Nicole is right next to me.

This is what Nicole's e-mail said:

Hey girl!

I noticed you weren't on fb anymore and got your email from there. Just wanted to forward you this email since Oreo was originally your cat! :) Hope you're doing great!!

Nicole Paolini

Dear Neighbors,

You might know our family cat, Oreo. As she was pretty well known, for a cat, in the neighborhood, I wanted to let you know that she died today. She was 19 years old and had an very happy, comfortable life on Birch Falls. She was quite friendly to everyone. And I think that most of the male cats on the street thought she was pretty hot.

Just want to thank everyone for keeping an eye on her for us over the years and for giving her the occasional scratch behind the ears.

Amy and Keith

Mostly, it makes me happy they kept her original name. And that she was a total babe. And that the people of Birch Falls are still as wonderful, kind, and thoughtful as I remember them being. I love change a whole lot more than most people, but sometimes, it's awesome for things to stay just the way they are.

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  1. This makes me so pleased. Feel good post. :)