Saturday, May 1, 2010

On The Fence About OAMC?

I found this poem in the intro pages of Suzie Roberts' Girlfriends on the Go. It sums up my thoughts exactly, even though I don't have kids...we're still a busy family!

What's for dinner?" So you say
It's been another crazy day
Soccer, piano, homework, and more
I didn't have time to go to the store.
"Let's order out!" The kids say with a grin.
"Pizza again?" says Dad with a cringe,
Then what should we have? Something homemade for sure.
None of this stuff in a box from the store!
"Never you fear," I say with a sigh
The freezer is full of meals to the sky.
How 'bout lasagna or chicken sweet n' sour?
"Hurry quick, put it in, I have book club in an hour!"
Now there's one more problem left to be solved,
Whose turn to clean up after everyone involved?
"We'll clear our dishes," the kids say and dash.
Mom grabs her book and is out with a flash.
Dad looks around--all these empty seats,
A familiar sight after everyone eats.
It's time for the game; Dad's a huge football fan
But not 'till he throws out the disposable pan.

Just think of all the time you'd have! Time to spend with your kids. By yourself. On a date with the husband. Not to mention the money you'll save on all those times you don't eat out when you're too tired to cook!

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