Monday, May 24, 2010

Finish It Friday: How'd You Do?

My Finish It Friday went 2 for 3 again...though maybe I could say it went 2.5 for 3, I'm not sure. Things went a little crazy this weekend. Friday was date night, so C & I went to a comedy show on center street, where I just so happened to see the CEO of my company up on stage. It was hilarious. Then I proceeded to stick my foot in my mouth twice in one day...more on that later.

On Saturday, honest to goodness, the only thing I finished was that new logo up there [which I quite like! What do you think?] But then, we got to go play house with these cute kiddos. I'm thinkin' that's a pretty great excuse.

Sunday, I finally got to be productive. I finished my portion of the LDS blog train [church related kit, I don't feel guilty at all. Especially because I WAS NOT watching the lost finale with the rest of the world, even though I've seen every single episode. We're watching it for family night tonight.]

The pictures still haven't been ordered [how's that for setting a bad example for ya? sheesh.] However, they've been compiled into a folder for editing and resizing. One more week and it's happening!

What about you? How was the weekend? Productive? Distracted? Did you Finish It?

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  1. i will try not to feel guilty about your 2 for 3 since we were part of the prevention! but 2 for 3 is good for me! i just about finished my relicensure which is good. we did not mow the lawn, but i did pull weeds and we prepared our lesson and read this weeks lesson, so that was good. and we got to spend saturday with family, love that always! thanks again! cute logo!